Simple Quilted Blanket {Tutorial}

Simple Quilted Blanket Tutorial

Sometimes we just need a little more simple in our lives right? Today I'm sharing a super simple tutorial that will result in a quilted blanket that looks like it was a lot of work. ** wink, wink** This may be your perfect handmade Christmas present. In fact, it's SO simple that I did not take pictures of the process. Trust me, you won't need them. Just a few measurements, cuts, stitching and you'll have yourself a blanket. I'll even give you two options for binding ... one traditional and one SIMPLE. Okay, let's get started! Simple Quilted Blanket Fabric provided by: Geo Pop Canvas by Emmie K for Robert Kaufman Finished size: 44″x 64″ Materials Needed:: 2 YD cut of  ... Keep Reading

Friday Favorites // Five Things


So ... I intended to post this last week and I was going to be all 'whoop whoop' I posted three times in one week. Pride cometh before the fall. Then this week hit and I don't know what to blame it on, but I have been in a F-U-N-K. Just one of those weeks where everything felt off and harder than it should. But Thursday righted me right side up and I feel like I'm going to start Friday on the right foot for a great weekend. Okay, a few of these are a little dated, but seeing as how I was barely blogging this summer ... bare with me, okay?   Target Boyfriend V Tee I bought two of these t-shirts early in the summer season and quickly fell in love with the casual fit and style. In fact, I ... Keep Reading

WIWW // Handmade Fall Fashion Inspiration


Every now and then the stars align. Today I'm showing you how my 'work' sewing stars + blogging stars + 'new creative inspiration' stars aligned to bring you a post all about pulling together an amazing HANDMADE fall wardrobe. As I was sewing up samples for Robert Kaufman, I was optimistic that several of the pieces I was sewing would fit me and I'd know whether or not I would want to sew them for myself personally ... because, as you're about to see, the patterns + fabrics were pretty fabulous and perfect for fall. Hoping to do slightly better than my 'in the mirror' shots with my phone's camera, I enlisted the help of my 10 year old son ... so keep that in mind as you view these less ... Keep Reading

Summer Reading

The Best of Me

As I tried to fully embrace summer break with my Little, I logged many miles running, walking and bike riding, I logged many hours sitting in the sunshine at parks & pools, and I logged many hours READING for the pure fun of reading! From the time I discovered The Babysitters Club one Saturday way {way, way, way} back when and spent the entire day snuggled up in a 'reading nest' crafted in my extra deep closet ... I have loved to spend the day lost in a book. However, the older I get and the more responsibilities {+ other interests} I acquire, the less time I have to read. So it felt so very good to tackle a few good reads. Here was my summer reading:: The Book Thief - Markus ... Keep Reading

Flying Geese // Little Gosling


Goodbye Summer! Hello School! Goodbye Fancy Free! Hello Schedule! Goodbye August! Hello September! We had a WONDERFUL summer break and it was all things sunshine and water, naps and vacations, beaches and pools, ice cream and shaved ice, long days and short nights. It was SO much fun. But, like I told my Little, summer wouldn't be summer if it happened year round. It's special because it's a precious bit of time where we break routine and enjoy extra time together doing a whole lotta nothing. So until next summer, we'll be remembering our sweet days and dreaming about the ones to come. Despite our loosey goosey {let's see how many times I can reference foul in this post, so far I count ... Keep Reading