2014 Instagram {in review}


I'm glad I'm not the only one that has been re-evaluating their online presence and adding a little more breathing room into life. I have no doubt that stepping back from the online world is the #1 reason I have read five, yes F-I-V-E, books since Christmas {more on that in a post next week}. That might be average for some, but that is HUGE for me ... probably a record since becoming a mama 10 years ago and feeling like I lost some of those brain cells that allow you to concentrate on anything for more than 8.2 minutes. But ... I also miss documenting bits of life around here. So I'm, like always, trying to find the balance. Here's a re-cap of my TOP 10 Instagram photos of ... Keep Reading

2014 Tutorials {in review}


Well you know you've been away from your blog for a while when even you, the author and creator, feel awkward coming back around ... Hmmm. Let's skip over the how, what, why of that big {gulp} gap in time and spend a little time reminiscing about 2014 {I can still do that in January, right? So I've got a couple of days to bust out some 'in review' posts}. How about a review of the tutorials I created & shared in 2014:: "Wonky Wedge" Table Runner {featuring AccuQuilt's 9" wedge die} A Polka Dot Pouch {originally featured on The Polkadot Chair} "Ann Kelle" Baby Booties {free PDF pattern available here} "Popsicle Glee" Table Runner Tutorial Simple Quilted Blanket A ... Keep Reading

26 Books Challenge // Reading in 2015


Confession: I love to read Truer confession: All too often I don't make time for 'real' reading. Sure I read all day long ... blog posts, internet articles, Facebook updates, but not.real.reading. Another confession: I love a challenge. The challenge does not need to involve anyone else, I just love to challenge myself. Is anyone else out there like this?! So, how perfect is the 26 Books Challenge that Erin of Bringing Up Burns came up with for 2015?! A list of twenty-six prompts, challenging you to read books YOU want to read. No one else is picking for you, hurrah! I hate being told what to do. I decided to make up a little bookmark version of the list for my 'secret' reading ... Keep Reading

Goodbye 2014 / Hello 2015!


I wanted to pop-in one last time before we close this year out and get a FRESH start on the new year!! My recent weeks have been wonderFULL of time with family and friends. What a joy to have my Mom home for two full weeks, splitting her time between my house and my sister's house. I've also been soaking up the time having both my Sweets + Little home with me. Add to that a brand new great-nephew and this holiday season has been filled my heart with so many sweet memories. Of course, don't think that there weren't moments of stress, emotion and exhaustion that set in too ... thankfully though none of them ruined or dictated any of our memories. So, from our house to yours, I want to say ... Keep Reading

Friday Favorites // Christmas Tutorials


Just popping in to share five of my favorite "Christmas" inspired posts from years past. Photo Credit: Joy's Hope "Mistle Toes" FREE Printable Santa + Reindeer Book Page Garland DIY "Spread Cheer" Holiday Frame Tutorial Zig-Zag Table Runner Tutorial Photo Credit: Ann Kelle Christmas Cheer Tree Skirt Tutorial Maybe one or two will inspire you this year! ... Keep Reading