Indiesew Winter Collection // Handmade Fashion

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Guys! I am thrilled to share today's post with you ... it times perfectly with my capsule wardrobe introduction yesterday. Two of the 37 pieces I chose for my fall/winter {as you can see from these pictures, we skipped fall and headed straight for winter!} capsule were handmade by me from patterns featured in the Indiesew Winter Collection. The Indiesew Winter Collection contains five top-notch sewing patterns by some of the most respected indie designers around. Buy the Winter Collection bundle and save 15%. Josephine Top by Made By Rae A woven tunic or blouse with front pleats and three sleeve options. This woven top is perfect for layering under coats and blazers. View B // ... Keep Reading

WIWW // A Capsule Wardrobe


Maybe I should have titled this ... WIDWW {What I Didn't Wear Wednesday} At the beginning of September, inspired by this girl, I challenged myself {I love self-imposed challenges ... Whole 30 anyone?} to NOT spend any $$ on new clothes until Black Friday. Shannon's {FPFG} challenge was to only purchase clothing from thrift stores for 6 months ... and while I liked the idea, I knew it wouldn't be very practical for me as I don't really have the time to invest in 'the hunt' at thrift stores. So I compromised with no clothes at all for 3 months. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard and in fact saved $$ in other spending as I simply avoided leisurely browsing most stores and quickly recycled or ... Keep Reading

A Fox in My Pocket // DIY


Just like a fox, this tutorial is quick and clever and would make a lovely gift for a handmade holiday! Supplies Needed: Sweatshirt or Hoodie with pockets or kangaroo pocket Felt {Strawberry, Sliver & White used from Glitter & Glass collection c/o Benzie Design} Fox template // Silhouette (fox) design Freezer Paper Wonder Under Fusible Web Embroidery Thread Thread Step 1: Pre-shrink the felt. DO NOT skip this step. Felt shrinks when washed & dried. You want to do this BEFORE you stitch it to the sweatshirt. Read Benzie's "How to" post. Step 2: Depending on the size of your sweatshirt pocket opening, size your fox template / design file to fit the ... Keep Reading

Twinkle Twinkle // Baby “Charlie” Quilt


Hello! I always feel the need to give an explanation after I've been absent from my blog for weeks at a time. Do you feel that way? Or maybe you're one of those that has a fancy little blog schedule and you actually keep it. Clearly, despite ideas constantly running through my head & thoughts of "I need to blog that," I can not keep a reliable schedule. So while I've pretty much made peace with that, I still can't get over feeling like I need to tell you why I've been away. So, in this case, I'll keep it brief:: Sewing // Every kind of sewing Church Ladies Retreat // Planning Committee Halloween // Trunk or Treat Baby Shower // "Charlie Brown" inspired Today I'm excited to share ... Keep Reading

Modern Maple // Table Runner


So I'm a little late to the "modern maple" quilting frenzy, but I'm right on time for completing my modern maple table runner. Here it is just over half way through October and I have a finished fall project on my kitchen table that can hang out there for at least another month. That's somewhat miraculous around here ... starting AND finishing a project in the same year and in the same season!?! So, even though the jury is still out on this project, I'm considering it a WIN. I needed a fall table runner + I've had the modern maple quilt block on my "want-to" list ever since I started seeing quilts pop up using the FREE, Modern Maples Throw, pattern on Lark Crafts by Amanda ... Keep Reading