Built by You …

… or really, Built by Me :).

Yes, this is the shirt that Andrea built today :). Thanks to Wendy (and JoAnn … the pattern was on sale for $1.50) I have another new summer shirt in my closet and this one was far faster and easier than the last one. Seriously, this pattern is ridiculously easy technically speaking. It may take you a few tries to get the fit and such, but the pattern (and only 3 pieces to cut) was easy. I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out … and I’ve figured out that in the cruel, cruel world of patterns I’m a size 12. Not that there is anything wrong with being a 12, I love lots of 12’s … it’s just that 12 is 3 sizes bigger than I buy in stores. So imagine being a 12 and in the pattern world you’re an 18 … and an 18 is a 24 … see, it’s just not nice. And the bigger question is … is it possible to be a size 4 in the pattern world?!?

Oh well, it’s just a number and I like the shirt and the fit and plan to make more … maybe the next one will be out of something a little easier than a slippery poly-blend material, but boy does it feel nice and cool and summery!

I also sewed up another “Miss Red” craft apron for an outstanding order. I’ve now listed them in the shop as a custom order where you get to pick your own fat quarter set making it uniquely yours!

Happy Day!


  1. love that shirt and I adore my new apron! My mom loves it too! YEAH!

  2. It’s all so cute! The craft apron looks super fun!

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