Little bits …

… of sewing going on around here today.

I am pretty “on top” of orders for this week and decided to catch up on a few things today that I’ve meant to do for weeks if not months.

At my sister’s prompting, I finally made both of us a “shoe pouch” for our Nike+ sensor. Neither one of us want to purchase the Nike shoes made especially to fit the sensor in their sole. I’ve been improvising with a very thrown together pouch that is a pain to get on and off. Many months ago I saw a tutorial for a much more refined pouch. And here is the results …

(Mine is the cream/red floral and Summer’s is the blue/orange)

I’ve also needed to get make some gift sets for a few baby boys at church … the problem I was having was finding fabric that was “boyish” and then figuring out what type of animal to applique on the onsie. On my birthday fabric spree, I picked up the cutest sock monkey fabric and a coordinating polka dot print and they worked perfectly for these sets. So cute I’m going to add a few to the shop.

Next post I’ll share a few aprons I’ve recently completed and then maybe by the weekend I can show pictures of my next attempt at another summer blouse!

Happy Day!


  1. Those monkeys are the CUTEST! And your shoe pouch is way cuter than mine 😉

  2. Very cute sets there! I love those sock monkeys.

    So in response to your comment, I think this top is actually one that I could make a tutorial to (without wanting to pull my hair out and swear) so those of you who wanted to make it could. But whenever will I find the time???

  3. The monkey sets are SO cute! Love them. What a great idea for your show pouch…where does it go?

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