Something to wet your appetite …

Well at least if you have little girls in your life (which really, who doesn’t … even if they aren’t your own) …

I have been following Sandi Henderson for some time now, stalking her blog, even e-mailing her (and getting e-mail back!) … in love with her fabrics and her adorable red curls. So imagine my delight when I hear she is making patterns. Really, really, really cute, boutique type patterns for children’s clothing (primarily girls). Imagine my greater delight to see her generosity to allow home sewers (i.e. me :) to sell clothing made from these patterns.

So, just to give you a heads up … I plan to buy all these patterns, although not all at once … and have a children’s clothing section on my Etsy store.

Click here to see the sneak peek of her “Ruffle Pants” pattern.

Happy Day!


  1. Yummy fabric. You know I won’t mind if you have to practice by making clothes for Claire!

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