Can someone help me …

… with modeling 101, LOL.

I might be getting better and better at my sewing skills, but man do I look goofy in front of the camera, trying to show off my new wears. Next time I’ll practice how this model is standing so I won’t look so dorky :).

Anyway, to re-cap from yesterday, here is the top I found at Target, on the very beautiful and very well trained model:

And here is my version, on the dorky, I don’t get out enough model:

I suppose I could have done a side by side of the two of us, but then I might have just hit delete and never published this post, so we’ll just go with this …

I forgot to take a view of the back, which was equally cute in style to the front, but here is another shot of me trying to look less dorky (I don’t think it’s working) …

And while I am very happy with the way this turned out especially given the fact that I had NO pattern for reference, I have decided after wearing it for the day that I can take even more out of the sides so it’s less billowy (i.e. won’t look so much like a maternity top) and bring the straps in a bit more. Now I just need to find a source for the cute ribbon like they used in the original Target top.

Happy Creating … I need to go sew some orders!!


  1. love love love this top! maybe I should have listened more to my mom when she taught me how to sew…I was never to into it, but your cute summer tops may have me changing my mind! I told Shawn last night I wanted a sewing machine and he just laughed at me…really I’d probably sew paper more than anything, but you might keep tempting me to love making clothes!

  2. Amanda says:

    It turned out just like the original, such a cute summer top.

  3. andrea says:

    Very nicely done! I think turned out SO cute!! How much are you charging for one of those 😉

  4. ooh that really turned out so cute! I love that you’re branching out and going NO PATTERN! Yay! Good for you! Soon you’ll be winging it all the time! (:

    ok so I’ll try to take some notes on the anthro-copy top but it’s a little tricky, so I don’t know how it’s all going to turn out.

    Halfway through I discovered that I had accidentally snipped a little hole in the front of the shirt with the scissors. Swearing, etc. How does one fix such a problem???

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