Ssssshhhhh …

I think I may have done something terribly wrong … but I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

While cruising through Target on Saturday (headed for the toys to pick up a birthday gift for Ethan’s friend Hawkin) I spotted a tank that grabbed my eye. I wandered over for a closer look and a look over later it was in my basket. A little impulsive right? Especially for a girl trying to watch her pennies. But there was a catch … I didn’t intend on keeping this top … no, no my friends, I intended to COPY this top. And copy I did and very well if I do say so myself. And today the top went back to Target so it can go home with someone not obsessed with making summer tops, just purchasing them and wearing them :).

After I modeled the finished top for Matt last night he said, “Are you going to be able to sleep tonight?” What an odd question I thought, it’s only 10PM, of course I’ll sleep tonight … oh, wait a minute, I think I know what he’s saying … “will my guilty conscience let me sleep tonight?” Let’s just say I slept like a rock! ;).

Here’s the teaser … the top I copied:

With nothing but a tape measure and graph paper I made myself some notes, grabbed some fabric from my stash and went about sewing this top. Now the catch is you’ll have to wait until to tomorrow to see how close I came … because tomorrow I shall wear this top to our park playdate and ask one of my friends to take a picture or two.

See you back here tomorrow for the reveal … and for a few more totes I’ve been working on too!!

Happy Day!

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