As the bobbin turns …

… yes, that is the name of the new soap opera I’m starring in these days.

Oh wait, I’m not acting and this isn’t a soap opera … this is real life people!!

In case you didn’t tune into this week’s episodes, let me catch you up on what’s been going on:

Monday ~ I finished this pillowcase dress for Sugar Snap & Blossoms consignment store. I happened upon the pillowcase at the thrift store … how great is that embroidery?!? I love this simple style of “dress” and how long it could last a little girl. After summer turns to fall you can throw a tee shirt underneath … then as the dress starts to become a bit too short, it can be worn as a long tank over shorts, capris or jeans! A good deal if you a
Tuesday ~ I finished up two more Chloe aprons, much like the ones in my previous post (hence no new pictures). One is for the consignment shop and one will hit the shop this week.

Wednesday ~ Fabric arrived in the mail … whoohoo. I serged the raw edges, washed, dried, pressed and cut A LOT of fabric!

Thursday & Friday ~ Two “Everyday Hobo Totes” (Small) for a custom order.

Friday ~ An “Everyday Hobo Tote” for Snippets, a fabric shop in Silverton, Oregon that will have some of my items on consignment.

And another custom order “Everyday Hobo Tote” … I love the pink on this one … so girly and fun!

Weekend ~ Really it was mainly Sunday night and this morning that I worked on two “Miss Red Craft Aprons,” also for the Snippets store. I’m going to have a hard time parting with these two. I finally “perfected” my recipe for them, LOL, and added some extra stitching that just accents these adorable fabrics. I did add one to the shop.

And check out this fun new “feature” … custom labels on my creations! These arrived last week and the aprons are the first things to bare my name. I’m no Kate Spade, but it’s still pretty fun to sew your own “brand identity” onto your creative efforts.

And today, Monday, thanks to my wonderful friend, Bethany, who watched Ethan for a few hours so I could get the rest of my major “to-do’s” done before we leave on vacation again.

I created SEVEN Bitty Baby Sets, four are going to Snippets, one is an Etsy order and two are gifts. I also added two sets to the shop.

And I’m happy to say I really enjoyed making each of these items. I think the variety of projects and fabrics keeps it interesting … and most weeks are not this crazy!!

Thanks for looking … this was a LONG post … I hope the pictures held your attention!

Happy Creating!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I love it all. Seriously! Where do you come up with this stuff?!! :) Love, love, love it.

    And how sweet are your labels!?! I’m so excited for you – you’re a sewing rock star!!

  2. I love it all! And I really like the labels… somehow it just makes everything a little bit cuter… more “boutique” looking or something. I never had much interest in sewing before, but you’re really giving me the itch!

  3. Look at you go girl!!! So I just sent you an email about my shop. I’m glad you liked my banner — it took oh about 16 hours to make (just kidding…sort of…) :)

  4. Oh yes I was also going to say how much I love your labels! I want to get ones that say “Made By Rae” for all the prezzies I make for fambly and friends and such. Where did you get yours from?

  5. Nicole says:

    Miss Andrea – not only are your creations beautiful, but the labels are awesome!!! They are so cute, and they look so professional! I hope you ordered them by the hundreds – your gonna need ’em with all this sewing =)

  6. andrea says:

    Love those labels. Great job on everything. Goodness, you’ve been busy!

  7. Everything is wonderful as usual!
    Oh and I totally got the Days reference as soon as I saw the title. :)

  8. Amanda says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! I love your labels, so needed on all your fun creations.

    Do you watch Days? It’s funny since I’ve stayed home FT I haven’t watched it. Too busy mid afternoon for that anymore. ;o)

  9. cute cute cute stuff! Yeah for new labels!

  10. these are fabulous, I love your blog, and will DEFINITELY be back!

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