Holiday Shopping …

I don’t know about you, but about 3 months before Christmas, something inside me starts ticking. I feel an urgency to get planning, budgeting and making for the upcoming holidays. This year was no different, my internal holiday clock is ticking away and I’m determined to stay on top of things and not let it stress me out. I’ve done pretty good the last two years, getting things done early so I can thoroughly enjoy December and all the joy and merriment it brings.

And this year … I’m going “Handmade for the Holidays.” Okay so there are some gifts this won’t work for, but for the most part, this is the direction I’m headed for several reasons. One is that I have a great appreciation for home artisans (oh the talent to be found on Etsy) and would love to share some of their talent with my gift recipients. I also know I really love it when I get a handmade gift. I know the thought, time and energy that goes into making a gift and means a lot … I hope that when I give a handmade gift that is the sentiment the recipient feels too! And this year, I’m getting Matt in on this too … after all he’s got quite a bit of creative talent we can share with others too! And while handmade gifts take much more time than a purchased gift, they do tend to be more cost effective which for our family (and I’m sure many others) is very important right now.

So my question for you is … have you started your shopping? Do you plan to do any handmade giving (whether by yourself or via other artisans)? Are you thinking of ways to cut your Christmas budget? What would be a good incentive “to buy early”?

Just wanting to know what you all are thinking about the holiday gift giving. I’ll be back tomorrow to share my holiday schedule for Knitty Bitties as well as some information about inventory and of course some pictures of my latest creations.

Happy Creating!


  1. Amanda says:

    Yes, I have already started on my Christmas shopping. I’m not always so good at this, but am off to a good start this year, hope it continues.
    I think every year we say we’re going to cut back.
    I think you’re right a handmade gift is special and thoughtful but I think even store bought can be too. I think it’s important to get for “item” for the other person that means something to them and that’s the fun part of gift buying.
    Happy shopping!

  2. I’m going handmade too. I’m actually going to try to make stuff myself for most people on my list…so yes, I’ve started, at least planning. I’m going to be going a lot of knitting and playing with my new Bind It All (bday gift)I think. I’m trying not to do the spend spend spend at the holidays this year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping. I know our family isn’t going to go hog wild this year, try to keep it at budget and not go overboard. I love sticking with *handmade* gifts because there different, thoughtful, fun and it shows that you put alot of time and effort into finding the perfect gift, for them. Its *special* not mass produced where you’ll see it coming and going all over. I love that! Adine

  4. I just don’t have enough faith in my handmade goods to give them as gifts. Silly? Probably so. That being said, I LOVE getting handmade gifts, you know, like the super-rad purse I got for my birthday!
    Don’t let me forget to share the Christmas sewing book I got, you might find some cute ideas in it.

  5. I’m a bit like bethany not always feeling so confident in my handmand things. I get around to it everyonce in a while. It’s nice for all those extended people you would like to get a gift for but can’t spend much!

  6. I’m thinking about what we should get so as not to impulse buy or over buy~ does that count as starting ;0)

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