Some sneaks and a giveaway …

But before I get to the *good* stuff, let me talk some shop with you …

I love the holidays … starting with Thanksgiving and carrying on through New Year’s Day, I love it. And because I so love it, I’ve made a very conscious effort the last few years to ENJOY that time to the fullest. To try and not get caught up in the “buying” or the “hustle and bustle” but instead to simplify and enjoy each day to the fullest.

So with that statement, I plan to “go on holiday” for the month of December. I will accept custom orders until November 24th. After that date I will continue to sell any items I have in stock as well as take custom orders for after January 1st, 2009.

That means you need to get your orders in early … but if you miss the deadline, I’d be happy to issue a gift certificate to let your recipient pick their own present.

I will be coming up with a holiday promotion … so be watching for that in the next few weeks (I’m still waiting to see comments on my last post).

Alright … on with the *good* stuff … some sneaks of what I’ve been up to:

Another twirly skirt, this one for my now 2 year old niece, Katie …

I love the mix of vintage-y fabrics with the pop of orange/white polka dots.
I can’t wait to see it on her :).

And speaking of seeing it on her … would you look at how cute Miss Mia looks in her twirly skirt?

Love it! Thanks for the pictures Candy!

My first attempt at the Marlo Handbag. I was so excited to try out this pattern and Jessie gave me the push to give it a go when she requested this for Erin’s birthday. It proved to give me a few fits, but I love the “idea” of it, LOL. In other words, if I can figure out a better way for attaching the handles, I’ll really love it and might even make a few for the shop.

The flower helps hide the crazy stitching on the handles :).

Well that’s all the sneaks for now … I’ve actually been quite productive, seeing double of almost all of my orders. I’ll tell you later why I’m doubling up my production.

For now I leave you with the giveaway I mentioned in my title …

The first person to tell me what this “new item” for my shop is … wins it! BUT WAIT, there’s a catch … to be eligible to win you have to have commented on this post. And you never know, I might just give another one away to someone else who comments on that post by Friday.
** Disclaimer … unlike some of my other giveaways which seem to take months and months to actually receive (I haven’t forgot you Kelly & Andrea) … this one will go out no later than this weekend! **

Happy Creating!


  1. Amanda says:

    It’s a coffee cup jacket! I love it, nice and green. Better than always getting one and having to throw it away. Great idea!!

  2. She beat me to it, I was going to say coffee sleeve! It’s too cute!

  3. by the way, I LOVE my new bag! I’m sorry it gave you headaches, but it’s awfully cute!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think its a one of a kind chic wrist cuff. Which is so adoreable!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thats reversiable too….

  6. GRRR! I’m too slow. It’s definitely a coffee jacket/sleeve. FUN!

  7. Jessica T says:

    I love love LOVE the new purse!! Soo adorable!!

  8. Mia looks beautiful in her skirt and I love the vintage version you made (way to think outside the box!). I have a half finished Marlo bag around here somewhere. Maybe I should finish it? :)

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