"A happy medium" …

That’s the phrase that Kelly and I thought best described our first adventure in the world of craft bazaars, specifically a holiday craft bazaar.

We worked A LOT of long nights preparing our items, wondering if we had enough or too much, not sure how many people to expect or the audience we’d be trying to sell to, up until the doors opened on Saturday morning, we were finalizing, adding and perfecting to make our little “booth” the best we could.

So the happy medium … it wasn’t the best case scenario (selling out of our items or coming close to selling out), but it wasn’t the worst case scenario (not selling enough to at least break even) … it was a happy medium. We both came home with a lot of items, but have managed to sell, exchange or mark most of them as Christmas gifts (whoohoo we’re ahead on making gifts!!).

I will say that I was tickled pink (yes, pun intended) at how our little table turned out. Especially since we pulled it all together the day before from items we had on hand. We got great feedback and words of encouragement that made us want to do this again.

Alright, enough talk … here’s the pictures:

Our table … our very small table :).

Kelly’s Applique Tees … you can see the remaining tees popping up in the shop this week.

We used an old high-chair to display the “Bitty Baby Sets” and “On the Go” Blankets.

A wire basket held the “Happy Little Picture Keepers.”

Little tin buckets held Kelly’s “Pockets Full of Blessings” … each one was filled with verses about Love, Peace, Joy and Grace. Perfect for putting on your key ring and holding your ID and debit/credit cards so you don’t have to carry your whole purse in all the time.

The left side of our table which had “Laurel” and “Miss Red” aprons, “Happy Little List Takers,” “Happy Little Coffee Coats,” Totes and Embellished Dishtowels.

Be watching the shop the next few days as I try and list all of the items I didn’t sell at the bazaar. I *might* also be adding a few more items if time permits over the next few weeks, but I can’t make any promises.

If you’d like to still give a “Knitty Bitties” gift, but you’ve ran out of time to order before Christmas, consider a gift certificate that would allow the recipient to pick custom fabrics for the item of their choosing. I’ll also continue to take custom orders, they just won’t be shipped until after the new year.

I’m excited about trying some new ideas and have hopes for a few new releases in the very early weeks of 2009!

Happy Creating!


  1. What a cute little table it was! I’m glad that “happy” was in the phrase that best describes the bazaar. I really do think you should do it again šŸ˜‰

  2. Great display! I especially love the little suitcase you used to hold your List Takers. The table cloths are awesome too. I was rather limited in the table cloth department because I had to get one big enough to fit an 8 ft table. I had also bought a white sheet only to find out the day of the show that I grabbed a fitted instead of flat sheet. So, I cut it into a runner of sorts.

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