Remember my secret …

My ‘super secret can’t wait to reveal project’? I know, it was so long ago you’ve all got bored of waiting and gone home :P.

But I’m finally finding time to reveal it to you …

My very first quilt!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I created a quilt. I was going to keep it super simple as it needed to be completed quick (it was a very special gift for a dear friend whose heart was broken (and still is) after the passing of her father) to start spreading love and warmth to it’s recipient. This was the pattern I had in mind when I started. But then I remembered this pattern (don’t worry Candy, you don’t have to use it as a birthing quilt … unless you want to 😉 ) and thought the design a bit more interesting, but still a quick project. I cut and pieced the squares on a Friday night, pieced the sides and back on Saturday and quilted the top and bound the quilt on Sunday.

All the print fabrics are from Heather Bailey’s “Pop Garden” and “Bijoux” fabric lines.

Here are some pictures …

Now don’t look too close … this is far from perfect, but I think I’m in love with quilting (machine quilting that is … hand quilting hold no appeal to this “instant gratification” soul). It was so, so, so very fun to put together and I know it will be well loved.

Happy Creating!


  1. Amanda says:

    What a beautiful quilt and thoughtful gift.

  2. It’s so pretty Andrea! Great job! I’m sure Candy loves it!
    Quilting is what started me sewing long ago. I have one for each of the boys on my to-do list in the new year.

  3. super cute! I love it!

  4. I absolutely love it. This gift truly means so much to me and Andrea, you did a gorgeous job on it. I love it SO much- it is a treasure. I still need to get some pics of it on the stand that my Dad made. Thank you, again! :)
    and p.s. totally smiling about the birthing comment.

  5. What a great job! That would be a really cute baby quilt too.

  6. Yeah! So that’s what it looked like! So beautiful. You go you! Thanks for making this.

  7. It’s BEAUTIFUL Andrea!! Great Job!!

  8. I know I am WAY late but WOW, Andrea – this is so gorgeous! I know who I’m coming to when I get to my “learn to sew” month 😉

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