A handmade Christmas?

Well I wanted to make this a handmade Christmas and I really did try, but two failed patterns got the best of me and it turned out not quite as handmade as I wanted … but I loved the gifts I did make and I felt good about those that I ended up buying too. It was still a wonderful (much scaled back) Christmas!

The handmade gifts that worked:

Superhero Capes (made for E and Claire and my niece, Katie) ~
Side One – I made a superhero monogram. The girls were in pink/purple felt.
Reverse Side – E’s had the star from SuperWhy and the girls had crowns.

Make- Up Bag for my sister ~
I loved this Japanese bird print and the punch of orange lining fabric! I packed this full of make up/facial products I’d been gathering the last few months.

Other Handmade gifts ~
Happy Little List Takers
Oregon Blackberry Jam & Peach Jam
2009 Calendars (featuring my husband’s phtography)

Lesson learned AGAIN … start Christmas gifts in July!!!


  1. It’s okay – we certainly had fun shopping the next day, didn’t we? Kohl’s – check, Costco – check… :)


  2. Awesome stuff, Andrea! I love it! You really have amazing talent! :)

  3. See it’s dangerous when you try new stuff b/c you just open yourself up to a world of more fantastic thing that you can create! B/C I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to order 3 superhero capes for next Christmas and the make up bag is perfect!
    This is why I need to learn to sew… However I think where would I put a sewing machine, when would I have time, and really could I make something so cute.
    Well done!

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