A little happy …

… for the shower :).

Do you own a shower cap? It’s okay, you can tell me if you do … it’ll be our secret. I’ll confess first, “yes I do.” It’s one of those pink “Goody” brand .98 beauties that makes me feel about 40 years older than I am when I put it on. But you know what? I don’t wash my hair everyday … I’m usually an every other day kind of girl, but I like my shower everyday … there for needing a shower cap.

So knowing this little cap could use a facelift and being inspired by a fellow craftster, I went to work on not only a cute version, but a just as functional, if not more functional shower cap.

The outside is a cute designer cotton, the inside is ripstop nylon and the two are trimmed in a white/brown polka dot trim. Elastic gives you a nice fit to keep all those hairs nice and dry.

Happy Little Shower Cap $18

Coming soon to the Knitty Bitties shop.

Happy Creating!

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