Hello …

To anyone still checking in here at this very, very, very quiet blog.

I wish I could say my absence was due to all the rest and relaxation I got around the holidays … but the truth is, I had the petal to the metal (or rather the carpet) sewing until the day before Christmas. I finished my Knitty Bitties orders the week before Christmas (about 2 weeks behind when I had hoped to be done) and then jumped into my Christmas projects. I had 3 different patterns I was making and 2 of them failed me … and sent me running for “store bought” not “handmade” presents just days before Christmas.

I did take the 2 weeks after Christmas off and just got started in the sewing room again this past weekend.

Enough chatter … you want to see what I’ve been up to, right?

These were the last of my custom orders before Christmas:

“On the Go” Baby Blanket

“Happy Little Picture Keepers”

“On the Go” Baby Blanket & Birdie Onsie Set
(to match this Chloe apron)

“On the Go” Baby Blanket & Monogram Onsie Set for twins :)

“Everyday Hobo” Tote w/ Outside Pocket

Next to share … the few (and I mean few) handmade Christmas gifts that turned out.

Happy Creating!


  1. such cute stuff! looks like you were busy!

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