You should see …

… my right calf :).
Who knew I could could get such muscle definition pushing a sewing pedal :).

Since finishing the table runners I’ve finished a few more projects …

Like “Happy Little List Takers” …

“Happy Little Crayon Wallets” …

“Mama & Baby” Buttercup Bags …

And a new “Summer Colorway” of camera strap slip covers …

Most of these new goodies can be found (or soon will be found) in my Etsy shop … that is until I take them all to my next market. I can’t guarantee they’ll stick around long :).

I also managed to get in a bit of sewing time on my “Quilt Along” …

Happy Creating!


  1. Stop with all of the cuteness!! OH MY!!!!

  2. You’ve been a little busy bee! Love all the new stuff!

  3. Your creations are gorgeous!

    And your quilt? I LOVE what you’ve done so far!! Wow. I am honestly in love with it :)

    So happy I found your blog through Joy’s Hope–I can’t wait to follow you and all of your craftiness :)

  4. I love your fabrics! I’m STILL waiting for mind to arrive in the mail.

  5. So cute my eyes are bleeding. :) Good luck with the quilt along!

  6. I just love all your creations. They are so cute and unique. And the best fabric patterns ever…. great job!

  7. We must shop at the same place, I made a buttercup bag out of that same brown & polka dot material that you used on some of your picture-takers. Love your stuff!!! I want all of it!

  8. I’m so loving those fabrics! And, I especially love that camera strap cover!!

  9. I love your buttercup bags! I need a new purse desperately!

  10. You make beautiful things. I just found you through Joy’s Hope and see that you are doing the quilt along. I am also, and am having a great time.

  11. ooo I have crayon rolls but I LOVE the crayon Wallets!! SO creative and perfect for on the go!

  12. I’ve been doing the quilt along too – and making JCasa list takers and color wallets! Deja Vu! I love the fabrics you’ve chosen for your quilt!

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