How about a little happy …


I had the pleasure of reviewing a pattern for a very talented (and very generous) sewing friend. Her newest pattern, Lickety Split Bag, is as cute and fun as it is simple and quick. A great bag for a beginner and a quick project for a more experienced sewer. And because I could hardly review the pattern without actually making the bag, I thought it would be fun to make someone a little happy and giveaway my first “Lickety Split Bag” featuring two vintage inspired fabrics in coordinating reds and blues.

So, now for the, “how can I win this little bit of happy?” Each of the following gets your name in one time ~

  • Leave a comment on this post with a happy thought for the week.
  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know you follow Rae’s blog (or now follow Rae’s blog)
  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know you follow the Knitty Bitties blog (or now follow this blog)
  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know which of Rae’s patterns is your favorite: The Itty Bitty Dress, The Toddler Backpack, The Buttercup Bag or The Lickety Split Bag
  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite item from my shop, Knitty Bitties

Winner to be selected Sunday, July 19th … when I feel like it. All entries up until that time will be counted :). And if you’re thinking … “hey, I don’t know if I really want to take the time to enter this giveaway” … let me tell you that there is a *very good* chance I’m going to include something from my shop that coordinates very nicely with this bag and could be tucked inside perfectly. Happy Monday! Happy Creating!


  1. Happy thought for the week? I had a niece born this morning and just realized that I should bake a birthday cake for her for our dinner!

  2. I subscribe to Rae’s blog via Google Reader

  3. I’m subscribing now to Knitty Bitties via Google Reader

  4. I really do love the Buttercup Bag, but that’s probably just because I haven’t tried this one yet!

  5. My favorite thing in your shop are the Bitty Birdie gift sets – but gosh, I can’t pick a favorite among them! Too cute…

  6. I subscribe to Rae’s blog and love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I LOVE the toddler backpack so much. I really love the fabric that Rae used for it as well.

  8. I love the list takers in your shop. They are beatiful!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My happy thought is that my mother-in-law is in town and we have a great time shopping and watching movies together.
    Julie B.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have visited Rae’s blog several times via links on your blog. Have enjoyed browsing.
    Julie B.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I do follow your blog. So fun to see new items and what you’ve been creating.
    Julie B.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think the Buttercup Bag is wonderful!
    Julie B.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My favorite item in your shop. . . the list takers!
    Julie B.

  14. My happy thought for the week…

    I just might be getting a new to me sewing machine tomorrow!!

  15. I also follow Rae’s blog in my google reader… love that thing!

  16. And I’m subscribing right now to your blog too! So fun to find great new blogs to add to my reader

  17. My favorite pattern by Rae is her buttercup bag. I made it and use it as my purse everyday. It’s just about perfect.

  18. I love the Happy Little Camera Strap Slip Cover Summer Colorway No. 11 in your shop. Beautiful color combinations.

  19. Happy thought: Only 4 more days until Friday πŸ˜‰

  20. I follow Rae’s blog via Google Reader

  21. I LOVE the Buttercup Bag! It’s the best.

  22. It’s hot enough to put out the kiddie pool in the backyard!

  23. I love the Buttercup Bag!

  24. We just started up our kitchen reno this week and the weather has cooled down which I’m loving (since I’m 8 months preggo) – so we’re full of happy over here!

  25. I follow Rae’s blog :)

  26. I follow your blog :)

  27. I loved the buttercup bag pattern – I made one for myself and it’s my everyday purse! :)

  28. I love the birthday party favor set – great idea!

  29. Happy thought: my husband is taking me to a bed-and-breakfast for our 3rd anniversary in 2 weeks!

  30. I subscribe to Made by Rae on Google reader :)

  31. I love the buttercup bag pattern… even though I haven’t yet made one. I have some fabric set aside to make one as a treat for myself after I defend my dissertation next week!

  32. I love the “Orange Crush” everyday hobo tote in your shop!

  33. and now I have subscribed to your blog on Google reader… what pretty things you make!

  34. Happy thought: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

  35. I subscribe to Rae’s blog. I love everything that she makes!

  36. I have made Rae’s Buttercup bag and itty bitty dress (twice). I’ve gotten such sweet compliments on the itty bitty dress and it looks so cute on the babies, BUT I carry the buttercup bag myself and its the perfect size for me. Can’t choose a favorite.

  37. I love your Happy Little List taker and the Happy Little camera strap cover. I’m going to peruse your blog now…

  38. My happy thought is that as of Sunday at 1:27 am, I am a new mom of a beautiful baby boy. :)

  39. I follow your blog!

  40. I love the buttercup pattern, I’ve made about 4 of the bags. Can’t wait to start the Lickety Split bag though. :)

  41. I love your little list takers, it looks perfect for a busy ‘mommafo.’

  42. I also follow Rae’s blog. πŸ˜€

  43. says:

    Happy thought – glad that I was referred to your blog from Rae’s

    Your fabric choices for the lickety split bag are quite NICE!!!

    My fave pattern is the butter cup bag from Rae’s blog.

  44. Emily bb says:

    I love the appliqued onsies! thanks for the giveaway!

  45. not sure if i am supposed to leave separate comments, but i’ll go for an all-in-one shot…

    -i do follow rae’s blog
    -i tried her itty bitty dress and loved it.
    -it’s the only pattern, i’ve tried of hers, but it’s a winner.
    -i found your blog thanks to her link and think you’re just ducky
    -in your shop, i love all things bird-related because i have a bit of a bird obsession

  46. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog using the RSS program Vienna on my MacBook.

  47. My favorite of Rae’s patterns is definitely Buttercup.

  48. My current favorite in your Etsy shop is the Hello Mama Buttercup bag…but there are so many good choices!

  49. I didn’t follow Rae’s blog before…but I do now!

  50. Happy thought? My husband takes the Texas bar exam in two weeks and I’ll have a husband again (he’s been studying non-stop) :)

  51. I definately subscribe to Rae’s blog! Love it!

  52. I am now a follower of your blog. It’s great!

  53. Toddler Backpack. My daughter LOVED it.

  54. I would love this bag, I’ve been admiring it since Rae posted about it. I’m a follower of her blog, and I love her buttercup bag!

  55. I love your key fob wristlets. I just made some, too to give to some friends. I love your fabric/webbing combinations. Nice work!

  56. hmm, a happy thought? I’m happy that I’m crocheting granny squares, they make me very happy

  57. I subscribe to Rae’s blog through bloglines

  58. I just add you to my bloglines also! can’t wait to go through the rest of your blog :)

  59. the toddler backpack is awesome!! I’m still trying to work up enough nerve to make one of them

  60. I love the crayone wallets in your shop! you have some great fabric combos

  61. Hey, I didn’t think we had to leave seperate comments, Can’t I leave 1 comment answering all the ?’s

    1) Happy thought* We enjoyed a family bike ride tonight, loved it!
    2)Of course I subscribe to your blog!
    3) I’m digging the lickety split bag (& the name)
    4) I love your list takers, and I could go on but you asked for a favorite

    So fun, thanks for hosting a give away!

  62. I subscribe to Rae’s Blog

  63. My happy thought this week is that I get to see my old friend from middle school at the end of this month! :)

  64. I follow Rae’s blog!

  65. My favorite pattern is the Buttercup Bag!

  66. My favorite thing in your shop is the everyday hobo tote!

  67. my happy thought is it’s my birthday on the 19th!

  68. i follow Raes blog

  69. & i now follow your blog!

  70. oh & i love your bitty birdie baby sets!

  71. DUDE! 62 comments!?! Is this why you couldn’t call me back? Too busy with all of your new people?! :) I’m impressed! So, with little hope of winning the contest – I do infact LOVE your blog as you know, but I love you more. (Do I get extra points for knowing secrets about you?). :)

  72. Oh & I follow your blog…

  73. …& my favorite thing that you make is the birdie baby sets, & purses…

  74. …and will be a special dress for Nicole’s wedding for Eloise next year…that will be the BEST thing. We should start looking at adorable patterns & talk price now. How fun…

  75. and my happy thought for the day is that I passed my final exam w/ a 90%!! Now, I just need to finish the essays & I’m done with my class! Starbucks for me tomorrow…

  76. …and your mom went to college…

  77. Paula L says:

    My happy thought? I’m on vacation with my family and feel like I’m a thousand miles away from work and it feels so good!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  78. Paula L says:

    I subscribe to Rae’s blog and like it very much!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  79. Paula L says:

    This is my first visit to your blog but I will subscribe now.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  80. Paula L says:

    My favorite pattern at Rae’s blog was the Buttercup Bag but I’m loving this new bag too.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  81. Paula L says:

    My favorite is the Everyday Simple Vespa Tote No. 2 (it had to be a tote!).
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  82. cute bag!

  83. from your shop, i’m kinda loving the owl crayon holder. or the hobo bag. all in all, loving all your fabric choices!

  84. oh… and i follow rae’s blog. :)

  85. happy thought: well, one of my favorite quotes that makes me laugh is from oscar wilde – some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. other happy thought: there’s cookie dough ice cream to be had!

  86. favorite rae pattern is actually the free shirt tutorial though i love the toddler backpack and the buttercup bag.

  87. I LOVE RAE’S BLOG!! I’m one of her #1 FANS!!

  88. Happiness is a direction, not a place. ~Sydney J. Harris

  89. I follow the Made by Rae blog and am fascinated by the lickety-split bag.

  90. As a list maker, I love your list-takers.

  91. happy thought for the week: Smiles I get from my babies! It definitely gets you through anything tough that comes your way. Simply reenergizes you!

  92. I follow Rae’s blog.

  93. I love Rae’s buttercup bag!

  94. I now follow your blog too!

  95. your everyday hobo tote is cute! I also like your bitty birdie and zoo baby gift sets…

  96. Let’s see my happy thought for the week… lots of beach time this weekend! (Hard work too but plenty of beach to make it better!)

  97. I have been following Rae’s blog for quite some time. Love her projects.

  98. hmmm – already left a long comment but it seems to be missing.

    1. happy thought – my husband will have his jaws unwired from surgery in just 5 weeks
    2. i follow rae’s blog (that’s how i found you)
    3. i like her buttercup bag the best
    4. i love your totes, perhaps the hobo best and closely followed by your everyday tote, maybe your list maker, no wait, the picture taker, aauuurgh
    5. i now follow you too :)

    have a great day, thanks for the giveaway,

  99. My favorite is the Buttercup bag. It is next on my list of things to make. Thanks for the chance to win your Lickety Split bag.

  100. happy thought for the week- i just found your adorable etsy shoppe & made a purchase!

  101. i’m subscribing to your blog :0)

  102. my favorite thing in your shoppe is the camera straps (because I’m a photographer!)

  103. the buttercup bag is adorable- i love the vintage 50’s flare- definately added to my “must-sew-now” list!

  104. added rae’s blog to my google reader :0)

  105. Happy thought for the week: The sun is finally shining this week in Massachusetts–let summer begin!

  106. I follow Rae’s blog.

  107. I now follow your blog!

  108. I love the buttercup bag pattern. I made the small one for myself and want to make the larger size as well.

  109. Your Everyday Classic Tote is great and I love the Bitty Baby Sets as well.

  110. Happy Thought? Newborn babies are amazing! We brought home our first this weekend. :)

  111. I do follow Rae’s blog! Her work is wonderful. :)

  112. My happy thought for the week is that one of my favorite niece’s is getting married on Saturday!!

  113. I am a long time follower of Rae’s blog!

  114. Rae’s pattern that is my favorite: The Buttercup Bag!

  115. Happy thought… watermelon and sunshine:)

  116. I recently found Rae’s blog about 3 weeks ago and am inspired by her work:)

  117. I actually just finished my first buttercup bag like 10 minutes ago! I am giving it to a girlfriend for her bday:) I plan on cutting out another one tonight!

  118. I just added you to my google reader and am excited to see what is to come:)

  119. i am now a follower of your blog too!

  120. Happy thought… I think I am pregnant!!!!! Been wanting another one for 4 years and we are finally in the place financially and otherwise that we can have one! yeah!

  121. I love Made By Rae’s blog. She is awesome!

  122. Gonna subscribe to knitty bitties by RSS feed

  123. I love love love the buttercup bag. So does my daughter. She kept stealing the purse I made so I caved and gave it to her.

  124. I love the Bitty Bird stuff. So darling!

  125. I love Rae’s buttercup bag. SOMEday I will make one. :)

  126. Happy thought: 3 weeks at my parents’ house is a small price to pay for the wonderful memories my littles are making with their Nonni and Papa.

  127. I follow Rae’s blog — I have been checking daily since the Lickety Split bag made it’s first appearance.

  128. I just found (and bookmarked) this blog via Rae’s blog.

  129. I’m dying to make a Lickety Split bag, but since I have two toddlers in my midst, the Toddler Backpack may soon be my favorite.

  130. My favorite shop item is the Little List Taker…what a lovely way to beautify the mundane.

  131. love the chloe apron from your shop!

  132. I thnk that the traveling blanket is great.

  133. I follow rae’s blog site !
    love her stuff

  134. knitty Bitties Etsy is a great etsy shop. will add you to my favorites list too.

  135. I love almost everything,but kinda intrested in the childs Back-pack.

  136. Happy thought for all time- God loves us!!

  137. I follow Rae’s blog by clicking every few days.

  138. My favorite Rae pattern is the buttercup bag- I’ve lost count of how many I have made!

  139. I follow Knitty Bitties : )

  140. Of course, I follow Rae’s blog as well : )

  141. So far I’ve only tried Rae’s Buttercup Bag pattern and LOVE it. Next to try is the Lickety Split pattern.

  142. Happy thought…the sun is shining, it is a perfect summer day, and my children are all healthy. What more could you ask for :)

  143. says:

    my happy thought is I love the sound of summertime pool fun…the sound of laughter and water splashing.

  144. says:

    I follow Rae’s blog.

  145. says:

    I didn’t know about knitty bitties blog until I read about it on Rae’s blog.

  146. says:

    my favorite in your shop is the ladies utility apron and the owl picture book…cuuuute!

  147. says:

    My favorite’s of Rae’s in the buttercup bag.

  148. My happy thought for the week: Sewing day tomorrow with girlfriends!

  149. My fave of Rae’s: the buttercup bag

  150. My fave of your’s: The list takers! How adorable are those?

  151. Ohhhh I’d love to win this! I do follow Rae’s blog now and made the lickety-split bag yesterday. I consider myself a novice at sewing, and really enjoyed making the bag. I also made the buttercup bag, so can’t comment on ALL her patterns. But, I think I enjoyed the lickety-split a teensy weensy bit more because it was so simple.

  152. sorry, brain freeze – forgot the other questions…see how I need the “Happy Little List Taker”?! That is my favorite item of yours, and I now follow your blog. My happy thought is…It is Friday!!!

  153. Happy thought of the week: Tomorrow is short road trip and roadside BBQ and roadside fruit/veggie stand discovery day! =]

  154. I also follow Rae’s wonderful blog. =]

  155. I am now following your blog cuz it’s awesome! =]

  156. My happy thought is that I am celebrating 5 years of marriage!! Love my hubby!

  157. I subscribe to Rae’s blog.

  158. I subscribe to Knitty Bitties blog

  159. I think my favorite Rae pattern is the Buttercup Bag.

  160. My favorite item from your shop is the custom Hobo bag.

  161. My happy thought is that I’m home from family camp! It’s been a long week!

  162. The only pattern I have used is the buttercup bag…and I LOVE it!

  163. A happy thought… The kids are napping, the house is quiet and I have time to sew =)

  164. I follow Rae’s blog. Love how creative she is.

  165. I will be following Knitty Bitties now =)

  166. I love Rae’s Itty Bitty Dress. I’ve used the same idea to create a dress for a friend =)

  167. I really like your Patchwork Belt Springtime Colorway… Need to sell something from my shop so I can go shopping again lol!

  168. Is it too late to enter? :-)

    I follow Rae’s blog! :)

  169. This week is a wonderful week: my son turned seven months old, he got his first tooth, and my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary! I am so happy that I’m blessed with my favorite people to love and spend time with.

  170. I follow Rae’s blog :)

  171. I LOVE the itty bitty dress pattern and the buttercup bag. I can’t choose which I prefer! If I had a baby girl, I’d be whipping out those dresses all the time. πŸ˜‰

  172. Anonymous says:

    I follow Rae’s blog and now will be looking at yours. Thank you!

  173. Happy thought for the week… Toddler naptime. =)

  174. I follow Rae’s Blog!

  175. My fav pattern of Rae’s has got to be the buttercup bag.

  176. happy thought is I’ve now found your blog! via Made by Rae’s blog. I’ll definately be back to read more

  177. I think the Bitty Birdie Baby Girl Gift Set from your shop is TOOOOO cute!

  178. Now following your blog!

  179. Happy thought: That I am so blessed to have the family and friends I have! My life is just BLESSED!

  180. Anonymous says:

    My happy thoughts are of the evening bike rides we’ve been having in the exquisite, and unusual, Indiana weather.

    Love your blog!

    delandlilsmom at yahoo dot com

  181. I subscribe to Rae’s blog via RSS feed… I love HER BLOG! and dang if she isn’t the cutest pregnant person out there:)

  182. I am subscribing to Knitty Bitties blog now :) Love that name BTW!

  183. I love this lickity split bag… I have a little one so this is perfect with all of the pockets and the size!:)

  184. that crafty apron in HB – love it.

    And that buttercup bag in Freshcut is whoa baby CUTIE!!!

  185. i love the key fobs and the camera straps

  186. i subscribe to madebyrae thru google reader

  187. i love madebtrae’s buttercup bag and plan to make it very very soon!

  188. i subscribe to your blog thru reader.

  189. happy thought…. or at least something that will make you smile
    I wish I was a glow worm
    a glow worms never glum
    ‘cos how can you be grumpy
    when the sun shines out your bum!

  190. My happy thought is that my parents are coming to visit this week…and my mom and I are going to sew, sew, sew! :)

  191. I subscribe to Rae’s blog via Google Reader.

  192. I now subscribe to this blog on Google Reader! :)

  193. I can’t decide whether I most want to sew the Itty Bitty Dress or the Buttercup Bag…I like them both a lot (I like the Lickety Split Bag, too, but hopefully I’ll win this one and then I won’t need to sew one!). :)

  194. I love your Patchwork Belt — very different and fun!

  195. My happy thought for the week is that I am enjoying this bit of cool weather in July!! Nice break!

  196. Rae follower!

  197. The buttercup bag is my favorite!

  198. Love the Happy Little List Taker from your shop!! Cute!

  199. Happy Thought…my son is two months old today!

  200. I follow Rae’s blog with my google reader…

  201. My favorite would have to be the Buttercup Bag…it’s so cute!

  202. Happy thought? 4 boys and at the moment…everyone is getting along..and not filthy! Thanks!

  203. I subscribe to Rae’s blog.

  204. Katie says:

    I subscribe to Rae’s blog via Google Reader!

  205. And I now follow Knitty Bitties! Thanks!

  206. I do love her Buttercup Bag!

  207. Rae devotee ~ huge fan of Made by Rae blog ~ love the Buttercup Bag pattern ~ will start my very first Lickety Split Bag just as soon as I finish posting.

  208. You did a great job on the bag. I follow Rae’s bog and I love the The Itty Bitty Dress.

  209. Happy thought: my brother is flying in from NYC and we are going to have tons of inside jokes made this week. :)

  210. I subscribe to Rae’s blog. :)

  211. I’m in love with the Buttercup bag and want to make one for myself soon.

  212. I now subscribe to your blog on my google reader!

  213. #1–I’m taking the kids to visit my mom for a few days to give my husband a break and maybe he’ll miss us a bit!

  214. #2–Of course I follow Rae’s blog! I’m excite for news of the new arrival.

  215. #3–I’ve made the Buttercup bag twice already and I love it! The small one is perfect for a date or girls night out and the larger version is perfect for my everyday stuff!

  216. I hope I’m not too late! HAppy thought for the week (at least for me) – my oldest is officially potty trained! WhooHoo!!! πŸ˜‰

  217. I follow Made by Rae!

  218. and now I follow yours!

  219. also – I love both the lickety split bag and the buttercup bag equally!

  220. #4–Your shop is really cute! If I HAD to pick just one item, it would be your Mama Butterup bag. I love the fabric with the stripes on the inside–very pretty!

  221. Happy thought for the week – I just had a wonderfully successful weekend at my first ever craft show/festival and get to treat myself tomorrow to a new sewing machine as a reward!!

  222. I subscribe to Rae’s blog (and love it)

  223. I adore the buttercup bag – and I can’t wait for the chance to make tons of the lickety split bag!!

  224. #5–and now I’m a follower of yours, too! (on reader…)

  225. Happy Thought – It is a calm restful Sunday!

  226. I LOVE the Butter cup bag!!

  227. Anonymous says:

    My happy thought for the day is checking my pumpkin plant and finding 4 little pumpkins starting on it, I have never grown pumpkins before and am very excited for them this year.
    I follow both Rae’s and your blog and would love to win the bag you made.
    barbarakshaffer at gmail dot com

  228. I follow Rae’s blog when I get the chance.

    I’ve made one of the Itty Bitty dresses and think the pattern is so cute.

    I love the fabrics on your Lickety Split bag! It would have gone nicely with the outfit I wore to my Mama’s birthday dinner tonight. White linen blouse, blue linen skirt and red shoes. :)

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