Another Giveaway?


It’s so much fun to share, isn’t it? I love hosting giveaways because it lets me show my little shop and blog to so many wonderful people. I don’t care if you buy a thing, I just love to “have you over” and share a little bit of what makes me happy. If I was a “real” store and not just a virtual store, I’d also offer you a glass of iced tea and freshly baked cookie.

But since I can’t, I’ll offer one reader of this wonderfully creative blog, Simplify, a camera strap slipcover from my newest limited edition, Summer Colorway Take 2. This also happens to be Camille’s favorite color combination so I thought it fitting to share with her and her readers. You can also visit her Etsy store (which sells her adorable quilt patterns), Thimble Blossoms. I bet if she had a “real” store she’d serve you up a Route 44 Dr. Pepper and a slice of Red Velvet Cake ;).


In addition to these new slipcovers, I’m also adding a few new “Everyday Hobo Totes” (sneak below), “Happy Little Flowers in my Hair” and “Happy Little Key Fobs.” to the shop this week. Have fun shopping (or just window shopping)!

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  1. Am I really first to comment? If so, that doesn’t happen to me often so I feel lucky already!

    I too wish I could visit your shop to see and feel all your handmade goods, sip some iced tea and munch on a cookie. I’d also take some Dr. Pepper and red velvet cake, not ‘cuz I’m greedy, but that it would be so wonderful! I love your color choices. Have a great rest of the summer! =]

  2. I feel so bad that I often forget to stop by this blog! I think becuase I talk to you *ahem* often, I already am in the know. :) Good luck with the giveaway! I know it will bring you lots of new visitors!

  3. Hi Andrea! I love your new stuff! I will have to come see you soon at the Market! How do I join the give away? I only found her etsy site; super cute, byw!


  4. Oh, it’s too hard to pick a favorite! I have to go with the tote, or maybe the apron, but those key fobs are fantastic too! As for my favorite color combo…anything with red! Love your goodies!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Might you be bringing that lovely tote you have shown to the farmer’s market?
    –Julie B.

  6. I am so happy to have been introduced to your shop and blog through Camille. I LOVE your stuff, ALL of it! You have amazing style and are so talented. I am hoping to win that camera strap cover. If I don’t, I have it (along with an everyday hobo tote) on my birthday list! : )

  7. amanda says:

    Oh Andrea it’s so great to see your shop and blog growing. What fun you must be having. I love the new tote fabrics, super cute!

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