Shop Update …

This post has been a long time coming :).

Here’s a look at a little of what I’ve been busy with:

Packages, lots and lots of packages (over 50 in the last week) ~

Containing all the Scarlet Lime Pre-Orders of “Happy Little List Takers & Camera Strap Slipcovers” ~

And a few brown & orange goodies ~

The tote is 1 of 3 made using these fabrics. The first was a custom order, the other two will show up in the shop soon, unless you wants to call dibs on it … and by calling dibs I mean purchase it :).

I’m making an effort to triplicate bags (which is almost as easy as just making one) to build up my inventory for upcoming holiday sales.

And speaking of holidays, Kelly & I (my Knitty Bitties market/bazaar partner) are looking at the bazaars will be participating in as well as hosting a few open houses of our own. Be watching for these dates.

Stay tuned for a giveaway in the coming week …

Here’s a sneak peek ~

In addition to the one I giveaway, I’ll have about 20 of these (Limited Edition Summer Colorway 2) available in my shop as soon as the giveaway is announced.

Happy Creating! Check back, I’m going to try to be better about updating …


  1. I’ve seen that bag before, hmmmm….

    I really like the red a teal camera strap! Maybe it’s time I bought one :)

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