Summer Colorway Take 2

My Monday started off really well … I had a conversation in my Etsy inbox letting me know about this post. Seriously? My camera strap slipcover on one of my favorite creatively wonderful bloggity blogs?

I was pleased as punch :).

And after I quite smiling to myself, I started thinking about several recent requests for more of “Summer Colorway” Happy Little Camera Strap Slipcovers. Specifically this fabric combination …

Well all of my slipcovers are limited edition as the fabric is pieced together by me from select fabrics, some of which are no longer available. But I didn’t let this stop me. I knew I could come up with a fresh, fun, playful red and aqua combination that would be just as well received as the first.

Want a peek?

Here’s what the “Summer Colorway Take 2” will be created from …

I’m not sure how many it will make, but at least 16 (scratch that, 15 … I *might* be giving one away on a very special blog just as soon as I can stitch one up for photographing). I’ll open it up for pre-sale in a week or so when I know how many I can make and all those silly details.

However, you can let me know if you’re interested so I know if I’m going to have enough or if I should order more fabric ;).

Happy Creating!


  1. congrats on being featured! love these colors!

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