New Design – Ruffle Clutch

I’m so excited to share this new bag in the Knitty Bitties family … the ruffle clutch.

I’ve wanted to make a clutch for awhile now. I bought hardware and zippers with the intention of making them … and there they sat. Until I saw this pattern online and knew I had to try it. In fact I put off orders I should have done to do this “want to” project. This is my first try and I love it. However, because it’s my first try, you can scoop it up for a reduced price … if you’re the first to grab it in my shop.

Total Width ~ 11in.
Height ~ 5.5in.
Handle ~ 12 in. loop

I can’t wait to make more, in variations … zipper top, detachable wristlet, lengthwise ruffles, ricrac … oh my! :).

I’m also going to try to twitter my creative bits each day I “create” and maybe even try to introduce a few shop promotions just through twitter. Follow me if you want by clicking in my side bar.

Happy Creating!


  1. Hey there! You’ve been busy…I can’t believe all those list takers and camera straps. You are a machine, girl. And what a great design!! Such a sweet little clutch..I love it! But of course ruffles are always a hit with me! (:

  2. Twitter! You gave in! I’m still holding off. :)
    Cute new clutch! Not much of a ruffle girl myself but you already know that. The colors are super cute though! Great job friend!

  3. Too cute!

  4. oh my gosh, I need this little clutch! too bad I need a new car too….

  5. SO cute! I love ruffles and this clutch is beyond adorable!

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