Oh Baby!

My oh my, where have the last week and a half gone?

I *think* my absence may have had something to do with the 24 baby sets I was working on for a wholesale order out of Australia. How cool is that?

I had sew much fun (does that ever get old … probably) making these. I’ll be making several more sets in the coming weeks to stock the shop for the holidays. I especially LOVE the boy colored zoo print and the girls flower and polka dot sets. Keep your eye out … hopefully it won’t be long before they are in stock.

Look at all this cuteness …

Baby Girl Sets ~ Birds & Flowers
Baby Boy Sets ~ Zoo Animals & Farm Animals
Neutral Baby Sets ~ Zoo Animals & Cowboy/girl

This is a picture of my growing fabric stash … I should find the last one I took because this has quadrupled (if not more) in a very SHORT period of time. It’s getting a bit out of control … all in the name of, “it’s for the shop.”

And I’ll end this heavy picture post with a view from my sewing machine. Kelly gave me this WONDERFUL birthday present, a framed chalkboard. I thought it was perfect for writing something inspirational. I don’t think this is where it will live, but for now it’s a good reminder every time I look up :).

Stay tuned … new post tomorrow featuring the newest shop creation :).

Happy Creating!


  1. HOLY smokes Andrea! Look at all that stuff you ‘ve done! and AUSTRALIA!!!!! That’s on the other side of the world. You’re famous around the world! well at least I can say I knew you when….
    Seriously, nice work! oh and what are those little gagets with the metal piece? binky holders things??

  2. WOW! You are amazing! Such cute things and I need my fabric stash to look as nice and neat as yours. =) Great job.

  3. So cute! I know you’re glad to have that checked off the list! :)

    I’m glad you like your chalkboard. I may take it back to replace the chalkboard part. I got the right wood for it. :)

  4. As if the list of everything I want you to make for the baby isn’t long enough, I LOVE the onesies with the sheep on them and of course, a matching binky holder would be a must. I just need to start a whole list of orders.

  5. wow! wow! wow! that stuff is so darn cute! love it! congrats on your big order!

  6. amanda says:

    all those cute fabrics just make me smile. it must be fun looking at them and then creating such darn cute things out them. congrats on the big order!

  7. all those little sets are so sweet
    but what are the clips for?
    can you tell i dont have a wee person anymore??

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