Aqua love …

I know, I know … I’m not the first one to jump on this trend, but I really do love the combination of aqua and red (love).

In fact, if I have my way, it’s even going to make it in to a little corner of my house … I just need my ‘honey-do’ of cutting a piece of wood to size so I can complete the project and share … maybe this weekend :).

In the meantime, I’ve settled for adding things to the shop, my virtual space I can dress up.

I’ve been wanting to add a few bags to the shop this fall/winter with a corduroy exterior. Lucky for me JoAnn’s (gosh sometimes they do have wonderful things) had some fun colors and prints. I created this little beauty last night with the aqua corduroy and naturally paired it with Kona’s chili pepper red cotton for the lining. It was worth staying up until midnight to finish (I should have been working on custom orders, but I couldn’t resist) ~

And then I couldn’t resist making a couple “Happy Little Key Fobs” to coordinate ~

And I can’t forget the the ruffle clutch that smiles at me every time I pass by her ~

I had to update the shop to feature all three right at the top, they look so cute together!

Tomorrow I’ll share some more of what I’ve got done this week, things like:

  • 11 List Takers
  • 4 Craft Aprons
  • 1 Mama Buttercup Bag (shared above)
  • 2 Key Fobs (shared above)
  • 3 Bitty Baby Pumpkin/Bat Onsies (shared before)

And I’ll share a Halloween project I hope to get done before we leave on vacation Tuesday. It’s doubtful, but I really, really, really LOVE this project and might pull another late nighter to get it done so it can start decorating my house.

Happy Creating!


  1. OH BROTHER! That is too stinking cute!! Can that be my birthday present?? I heart it. And you too of course… :)

  2. I L.O.V.E. the color combo, especially with the corduroy! You know, that would be a great color combo for a scarf, too. I loved that flower scarf with all the colors, but it might be really cute in white, aqua and red!

  3. ohhhh! I love that, Andrea! The corduroy and colors…perfect! :)

  4. Jessica T says:

    Love love LOVE this!! So sweet!

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