8 for under $30?

Seriously? EIGHT gifts for under $30?

Yep, you read right. A few weeks ago Julie (of Joy’s Hope) put up a challenge to get out your sewing machine (or borrow one), get familiar with it and sew up some holiday fun. Of course me and my machine are pretty cozy with each other and I really didn’t need another project, but this one sounded too fun to resist.

So I decided to play along … the only catch is I won’t start mine until December when I’m officially ‘on vacation’ from creating things for Knitty Bitties.

I did order my fabric bundle from the wonderful Etsy shop, Material Girl. She so sweetly packaged up sets just for the scarf along.


And then Julie posted about the class for Honor Students. And well I couldn’t resist … I’ve always been a bit of a brown noser, er overachiever, so I’m going to join in this one too, but I think I already have fabric that will work out swimmingly.

For both of these sets of scarves, I’ll be creating mine with a fleece (or flannel) backing to make them a bit wider and more cozy since it’s actually cold enough here to wear scarves for many months.

Anyone else sewing along?

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