Using our gifts …

(Sharing a post from my personal blog where I’ve been featuring some of the ways our family is focusing on being thankful this month.)

Is another way to live a thankful life.

I believe each of us is gifted in areas that usually come out in the direction of our lives and the desires of our hearts. We were each uniquely woven together and that is what makes the world such a fascinating place.

Sometimes our gifts are financial, some are spiritual, while other are physical gifts.

I have a desire to create things. I thank God that I was created with this gift, it brings me much happiness. And I want to use and share that gift … not selfishly hold it for myself.

Which brings me to Craft Hope. A wonderful blog created to serve others by creating. I have read each project and my heart has been pulled to do something. And then life happens and the deadline comes and goes. This month, I’m not letting that happen. I will create something for Project 5, Margaret’s Hope Chest.

I will be making a quilt for a boy from these wonderful fabrics …

I’ll also be praying for this child as I make and send this quilt. I hope that it will not only warm him physically but also will warm his heart as it does mine making it. I’ll be sure to share when it’s all done … which will be soon since this deadline is just around the corner!

Happy Creating!


  1. Lovely fabric and I am sure it will be a much lovd quilt sinc it is being made with so much love.

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