Fabric Clean Up …

A few weeks ago my SIL came to my rescue and spent the afternoon, sorting, folding and getting rid of (that sounds so much nicer than throwing away … eeps, that is even hard to type!) fabric. I had two large garbage bags of scraps. One has gone on its way, the other is waiting for me to sort through … scraps are SO hard to throw away!

My stash has been increasing quicker than I could organize it and was squeezed into two little cubbies of my Expedit bookcase.

While Julie folded (I like to fold my cuts in quarters lengthwise and then use my 6.5 ruler to fold), I sorted the fabric into groups and freed up a few more cubbies.

The end result … 6 cubbies full of beautifully organized fabric.

The sections are (from top-left and then clockwise)~
Polka Dots & Home Decor Fabric
Tote Fabrics & Quilt Fabrics
Baby/Kids Fabrics
Misc Fabric Cuts & Charm Packs (I *heart* charm packs)
Solids & Corduroy
Fabric Sets

Then I have a cute basket full of my FQ’s (which are already outgrowing this basket) which I’ve been buying more of … they are perfect for making a few table runners :).

The day was finished with a good dusting and vacuuming of my happy space and then filled with the lovely sight and smell of two dozen hot pink roses (an early anniversary surprise).

Someday soon (hopefully) the bins full of books will be gone, the set up re-arranged and the walls decorated, but for now I’m happy as a clam in my little space :).

Happy Creating!
Check back soon for a look at some of my handmade holiday gifts!


  1. I hate to throw out scraps too..so I just keep em! and try to find projects to use them…seems a shame to waste them–sometimes I mix them with stuffing for pillows :)

  2. You are a brave soul. Your room looks great! I’m looking forward to seeing more. Beautiful roses by the way, lucky girl.

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