Hmmm …

I feel like I should be blogging about something on here … I mean I have lots to say (always), but not sure if you’re up for discombobulated ramblings from my mind on creative overdrive …

None the less, here goes …

(Have you noticed my love for “…” it’s a problem. Really.)

My “Cyber Monday” sale is going great. I’m happily packaging up items to ship to their new homes. I love hearing about who they were bought for and the happy they will bring them. I mean really, opening up something that I made on Christmas morning … and not being a direct friend or family? That’s so weird and wonderful!!

I only have a few items left to list and then that is it for 2009.

I have TOO many wonderful plans for my little shop in 2010. In fact I want to start sewing some of them now, but I must finish my last custom order of 25 (yes 25) list takers and then work on some personal handmade gifts.

I’ve been ordering a lot of fun fabric … it’s stacking up and begging to come out and play. Today I bought some of Heather’s adorable new line

So for now I’ll give you this hint about what’s to come … ruffles … I can’t wait to try them on more things. The “Everyday Pouches” are just the tip of the iceberg :).

Oh and because I can’t just work on a custom order this week, I’ll also be trying to finish one of these

And one of these

Happy Creating!

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