1 up …

This one is in the shop …

Isn’t aqua & tangerine a scrumptious combination? I’m loving both right now. I have the most delicious orange scarf that I must share along with some new aqua ballet flats on their way to me right now. I’ll plan a photo shoot when they arrive :).

And this one will be there tomorrow …

Unless one of my loyal blog readers wants me to slap their name on it and declare it sold :). I’d do that for you, I would, because I love my blog readers and like to give you the insider’s edge … kind of like being ‘an early’ at a really good garage sale, yes?

Did I just compare this blog to a garage sale?

Happy Creating!


  1. I think you did…. :)

  2. just wanted to let you know that my ‘on snap mini wallet’ arrived this morning, & how very happy i am, thank you, i’ll leave some feedback when i get back from the school run,

    & the bags look lovely!

  3. My big sis referred me to your blog, and consequently to your etsy shop. I bought the aqua and red purse. Can’t wait to get it!

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