Celebrate the boy …

Well isn’t this swell timing?

I wanted to share a few more of my favorite creative blogs with you and two of them have teamed up to create a month of boy projects, called “Celebrate the Boy.”

And do you know what is even more perfect? I just finished a project for a baby boy … okay really for his mama. My “Everyday Fresh Tote” with a zipper top closure. Aren’t these colors scrumptious?

And I already had two boy projects planned for this month … the quilt and pajama pants for the birthday boy (we love pajamas around here) made from fun boy flannel prints.

Want to know more?
Want to sew along?

You’ll have to go check out (and while you’re there you might as well subscribe to their blog) these two favorites:

Made by Rae
Can’t say enough about this blog. Rae has inspired me to create summer tops, is the pattern creator of the ‘Buttercup Bag’ you can find in my shop, has two adorable munchkins and is super smart and way cute too. That shouldn’t be allowed should it? She also likes to find a shirt she likes from Anthropolgie and just make up her own version. Or when she’s really feeling crazy, she mixes 2-3 patterns and throws in her own twist to come up with a new top. She inspired me to buy a top from Target, take measurements and notes … only to return it and make my own version. I know, powerful stuff, right?

I’ve started following Dana (author of Made) more recently, but she too is infectious. You can tell by one look at her smile (and her munchkins) that she is just a super sweet person inside and out. And on top of that, she has major talent in the creating department. Unlike me … who likes to play by the rules and stick to a pattern … but just like Rae, she just wings it or makes it up … and boy does she make up some great things!

I hope you join in on the fun (just click on the link on my sidebar to see the latest)!

Want to join in on more fun?

Check back here Monday for new items, just in time for Valentine’s Day, AND news about some fun giveaways!

Happy Creating!


  1. I am so excited about this too! I am dying to see what they post tomorrow! It should be an awesome month!

  2. So cute! Is that Bethany’s diaper bag?? I love the colors!

  3. Just found your site through mmmcrafts. I love the “for the boy” idea. I have been making projects for my nephew since he was born. I started out with a suit of armor made out of ironing board material. And this year I made him a Super Monkey with Larissa’s pattern and a matching cape for himself. It was so much fun.

    good look on your quilt and pajama pants!

  4. Yay for boy month! LOVE that diaper bag, so great. I love orange and brown, totally dig it. Thanks for the plug too! You’re so sweet!

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