Handmade Holidays …

Geez, I hope someone is still reading :).
In fact, if you are still reading, I’d love for you to let me know … after all I show 32 people following this blog and it would be great to get to know ya’ll better. If I could I’d invite you over, serve you the best glass of iced tea you’d ever had and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies … really, I would :). And then I would talk your ear off, because apparently I don’t get all my words in a day … just ask my BFF, we ‘talk’ daily, but she does far more listening than talking as I ramble on and on and on … and talk A LOT about fabric and sewing.

Anything you want to ask me? I’d be happy to host a Q&A about Knitty Bitties. And I’ve got a giveaway up my sleeve soon … so it would be *beneficial* (wink, wink) for you to comment before the giveaway … ’cause I’m sneaky like that :).

… now back to the handmade.

Handmade Gift #1 – Jewelry Pouch for my little sister (and I included a necklace from one of my favorite Etsy store, The Silver Dog … Hi Erin!).

I ‘made’ up this pattern after reading several different tutorials online … Love the way it turned out, but next time I would make it slightly larger to hold larger pieces of jewelry.

Handmade Gift(s) #2 – Monkey ‘Dolls’ for my niece, for one of my best friends’ little girl and for my son (and I included a monkey book). Originally I had planned to make sock monkeys. Well let’s just say me and sock monkeys are not friends. So I racked my brain, read some blogs and ….. ah-ha remembered this AWESOME FREE pattern on a favorite creative blog, MmmCrafts, Molly Monkey.

Of course a Molly Monkey would not work for E so I turned her into my version of Mikey Monkey. I say my version because it was too late at night and I was too down to the wire to download the actual Mikey Monkey pattern. But, I love it so much I’m planning to buy the pattern to make more and have actual pattern pieces for all his accessories.

And Mikey, with his pirate gear … I knew I had to make this for E once I saw the pirate accessories. These were my interpretation of the images on MmmCrafts Flick’r pool. E all but ripped the crossbones off before I had a chance to photo.

Handmade Gift(s) #3 – Patchwork Scarves lots and lots of patchwork scarves. Inspired by the “Scarf-Along” on Joy’s Hope. I picked two different fabric sets and then I backed them in fleece, because unlike CA where Julie (Joy’s Hope) is from, we wear scarves for fashion AND function here :).

I love how these turned out … sadly I don’t have a great photo of them by themselves, but I think this one of my mom and sister is pretty sweet :).

(I’m sure my mom loves that her picture is out on the web with her bandaged nose. She had some cancerous cells removed … her third time … a week before Christmas … wear your sunscreen.)

Handmade Gift #4 – Placemats for my mom. She had requested placemats to match the table runner I made her for Mother’s Day. Another late night project that didn’t get photographed, but here is the table runner … kind of.

Handmade Gift #5 – Teapot Trivet for my “Tea Set” gift exchange. My husband’s side of our family does a $20 gift exchange in lieu of buying everyone gifts. This was our third year and it just gets more and more fun (and creative). In addition to my trivet, my set included this starter kit from Adiago teas.

The trivet was based off of this pattern which I found this summer. I knew right then I would make it for someone for Christmas. To turn it into a trivet I added a layer of Insul-Bright and backed it with more linen. My niece-in-law ended up with it :). I can’t wait to make another one to frame and put somewhere in my kitchen. You know how I love tea :).

I also made a last minute ‘iPod Nano‘ case for my Dad (he got a Nano from my mom and then my sister and I got him iTunes gift cards) using yellow felt and John Deere fabric. I couldn’t bring myself to photo it or even take credit for it … it was more of a fun way to package the gift card I slipped inside. However, my Dad amused me and told me he liked it ;). But I’m not kidding myself, Dads are just nice like that.

Phew, I *think* that was all the handmade crafting I did from December 11th – 23rd. Quite a bit for that short bit of time, but well worth it.

Next up, sneaks at the new items coming to the shop AND pictures of a belated birthday table runner … ooohhh, that sounds like the tag line for a really exciting new show, right?

Happy Creating!

P.S. Don’t forget to say “Hi” and tell me about any of your handmade crafting! I’ll give you a cookie if you do ;).


  1. I love, love, LOVE Molly the Monkey! Gosh darn adorable I say!

    Funny enough I follow you on Twitter and not your blog, but I do now!

    I bough the Every Day Tote from your Etsy shop as a Merry Christmas to ME gift this year and I am head over heels in love with it! Lots of pockets and the watermelon colored lining is so cheery!

    I can’t wait to see what fun you have been working on!

  2. Hi! I love everything you made for Christmas. If I ever get back to my rather neglected blog, I plan to post pics of what I made for gifts as well.

    Great job with the Molly/Mikey monkeys!!! I need to try one soon. Adding to my long list of things to sew!

  3. I love the scarves and teapot trivet! I’ll be over tomorrow for some tea and cookies… but since it’s cold, can I have hot tea? Better yet, I’ll bring cocoa…LOL!

  4. Those monkey dolls are SO cute! Love the pirate one!

  5. Love your totes. The bright fabrics withe linen looks fabulous. I went crazy this year trying to complete all my Xmas stuff- nightys for my girls, a quilt for my son, a tote for my nother-in-law and I was going to try to copy one of your camera straps but ran out of time. I need to use a bit of my late father-in-law’s shirt in the strap for his daughter. she will cry, I’m sure. Maybe Easter? And hopefully it looks as good as yours. :)

  6. I want a cookie!! And I want to come over. :( Sad. You also made me a trash bag for my car…which reminds me – did you get yours from me!?? Ha ha ha ha!!!!

    Love your creations as always! So glad I made it in the final 4 for January.

    Talk to you tomorrow!!

  7. I read on my Google Reader 😀
    That’s awesome that you made so many Christmas gifts… we try to do handmade gifts from the kids to their grandparents and great-grandparents. This year we started wind chimes, but I haven’t gotten them finished yet :( Also, I bought a Rudolph the Reindeer pattern (cut and sew from Walmart) that I did make for my kids… my first sewing project! I have to say, hats off to you, it’s not as easy as it looks LOL!
    Keep on creating, you’re awesome, love your stuff!!!

  8. How cute! I love your style and the way you put colors together! Everything in your shop is creative and cheery. I am really enjoying my new list taker :)

  9. I have been following your blog for a few months & I found you from Pleasant Home. I really love your handmade Christmas recap. Those monkeys! Adorable!!
    Anywho, I’ll throw a question out for ya…what blogs do you read the most?
    You can find me…

  10. Hi, I have been following your blog for just a short time and enjoy it..I am a “make-all-your-gifts-wannabe” and I am so impressed with people who can and do!! I like the scarves (I am am more impressed with seeing them modelled than just seeing the item itself..I will make some myself..here too scarves are not just for fashion. I take my tea black and my cookies lots!

  11. Paula L. says:

    Hi! You made lots of awesome stuff! I’m afraid I was not as productive as you but I did make 4 dolls using the Black Apple doll tutorial and the kids loved them.
    I would love a cookie, thanks! :)
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  12. Great Scott! You have been a little busy holiday bee, haven’t you? very impressed with the number of things you were able to make, and the super cuteness of them all. You have lucky giftees. Thanks for the linkage to my patterns and kind words. I think you did a rockin job of guessing with the Mikey!

  13. The Monkeys are so cute! I haven’t made my daughter any of the softies and I think this is one of the cutest I have seen! The jewerly bag is cute too! I love that you made your own pattern after checking out the tutorials…That is what I did with my Jewelry wrap pattern!

  14. Julie B says:

    Hi Andrea!

    Well, I do visit your blog but I am terrible at commenting.

    You know I L.O.V.E your creations. (List takers and totes take the cake though)

    Got a sewing machine for Christmas so I too made some fabulous scarves, if I do say so myself. So much fun.

    Looking forward to another handmade year at Knitty Bitties!

  15. Hi! I am a new follower to your blog! i don’t remeber exactly how it happend, but im sure i came across your blog in one of the searches i did on google!

    Anyways I Love the jewlery pouch!! its so cute!! and such a great idea

    I also really like the scarves! Keep up the amazing work!

  16. OOh, you’re up to 16 now. I love those scarves! You’re productivity puts me to shame, I just made a few purses using free patterns I found online. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep following.

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