Happy Monday …

How about a little giveaway.

And I do mean little.

But little can still be fun … and winning can sure make someone happy … and winnings showing up in the mail makes for a good day. So really this little giveaway has the power to bring someone a good day … and that is BIG!

But, before I tell you what I’m going to giveaway, let me show you another sneak peek …

Oh, and look what came today … new business cards … yea!

But no labels … boo!
I’ve got 28 items waiting for labels so they can be finished, photographed and listed in the shop. Looks like an end of the week shop update. Hang in there!

Now to the giveaway … how about an “Oh Snap Mini Wallet.” Like this one …

You likey?

Well if you want in …

  1. Leave a comment on this post with your name (and e-mail if you don’t have it enabled in your Google profile) AND something you’re going to create this week.
  2. For an extra 5 chances, tell a friend about my blog and send them over to leave a comment telling me you sent them :).
  3. Comments open until Thursday, January 14th at 11:59PM.

Tomorrow I’ll share a few of my favorite creative blogs, okey dokey?

Happy Creating!


  1. Let me be the first! Would love to win the mini wallet. Gong over to my blog to post about your giveaway.

  2. Forgot to say what I am working on………………………some projects using shrink art!

  3. LOVE your new goodies and those business cards are adorable! I’ve been scrapping today and have 2 scarfs (both gifts) on knitting needles.

  4. Julie B says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Going to attempt to make a tote bag this week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hi bestie. I love your new business cards – so cute! Silly late labels… I’ve been making cards this week – I am going to make ‘a fancy’ one tomorrow. And maybe I’ll get some scrapping in too…

  6. now you know how much i love this little wallet, & if i win this one, i can just buy one in another colour!

  7. Oh the Ruffles! I would love to have this! And I am working on an order of 6 purses!

  8. I am so in love with the ruffles! This week I am planning on finishing up the alphabet bean bags I am making for Madison’s half birthday and starting to plan out some sort of valentine’s day gift for the kiddo too. A pouch maybe? A chair cover? I have no clue! Maybe it will have ruffles though!

  9. Cute!
    I’m working on backpacks this week for my etsy shop.
    etsyteachermom at gmail dot com

  10. sew cute!!!
    I’m working on blocks for a swap i’m in :)

  11. I am working on two things…an applique one year old shirt for #4’s birthday & a v-day skirt for #1. I just opened my website this week, so tweaking that too. Excited about your mini giveaway!


  12. WoW! Great giveaway. I am hoping to cast on and get a hat going. I would also love to get the sewing machine out and sew something from my new books. Thanks!

  13. It is so cute! Thanks so much! I am creating a quilt for a very great friend’s 30th birthday!

  14. Hey you! I’m wearing my fun new scarf (in the red/turquoise combo pictured!) today and it’s making me feel so happy. Thank you again!

    And…this is weird, but even your KEYS are cute. Look at the fun stripey one. You just have it goin on 😉 Happy Tuesday friend!

  15. Happy Birthday! I’m working on some patchwork hearts. They are made up 1 3/4″ scrappy blocks. A bit time consuming but I’m loving the finished blocks.

  16. Oh! So cute!!!!!!

    This week I’m working on crocheting a headband!

  17. the only creating I will be doing this week is to crate an “empty house” and create a mess at the new house (we’re moving)

  18. How adorable!! Love it! (I will have to try to remember to post something on my blog about this and get someone over here to get me some extra chances to win!)
    I am hoping to get some reading done this week in my free time…but I normally will hit my sewing room for a least a little while. There are some quilt block pieces I recently cute out just begging to be put together, and I really need to sew up a cover for our down comforter that I keep putting off…why don’t I ever want to do the things I actually NEED to do!

  19. Cute litte wallet! I am going to be working on my siggy blocks for the swap I am in. Want to get them done before moving on to other projects.

  20. This week I am making another baby hat from the Lion Brand site, the Squiggles and Grins Baby Hat, and hopefully, booties. I will post about your giveaway on my blog.

  21. Cool beans! I’m currently working on a doll quilt for a swap and making origami flowers. Wish me luck! It will be the first time I’ve done this.

  22. I’ve just added a shout out to your blog too!

  23. that is just addorable!! :] I am working on some birthday presents that involve yo-yos! so fun!

  24. Michelle K. says:

    My sister is Julie B. and she sent me to your page. I’m making scarves this week. Love your blog.

  25. Yesterday I almost finished a patchwork basket, today I will finish it and then I will post a picture on my blog PiecefulDay.SquareSpace.com (very soon to be just PiecefulDays.com) Thanks!

  26. Very cute mini wallet! I am working on a Schnibbles quilt this week. I hope to finish it up and then I am going to tackle that gorgeous pinwheel table runner.

  27. such a darling wallet…i love green…green makes everything great!
    im working on my sons color wheel quilt…fun!!

  28. The cutes! Am working on a few blocks for a cancer charity auction plus a couple of bees.

  29. I think I will be trying to knit some socks and sew the borders onto my quilt squares! Lots to do, little time!

  30. Hello..love your site…great ideas..

  31. I love it. Your new cards are great! I had to wait forever to get my labels.

  32. This week I’m working on a blanket I’m knitting and piecing a quilt together.

  33. What a cute giveaway! I just read your tutorial over on sew n sew quilting. I can’t wait to make a pinwheel tablerunner.

    I am currently working on getting a doll quilt finished.

  34. Please enter me into your give away; I love the little purse!
    This week I’m working on some funky birds for a class and pattern.

  35. That is a very cute pouch. I especially like the dotty fabric that is hidden inside!
    Today I am going to finish a quilt top.Then this weekend I am going to search for the perfect fabric to make the backing.
    I liked your pinwheel table runner tutorial on Modify Tradition. That how I got to find your blog.

  36. I so need this! I am working on sleeves for a monster-size art quilt. Thanks!

  37. cute wallet. I’m working on three things this week. A pink and orange quilt. Friendship string blocks and a table runner.

  38. What a cute little wallet! I am working on wonky stars this week. I might make another morsbag as I really love using them! Thanks for the giveaway, and I found you through Modify Tradition.

  39. Love that little ruffle! It’s so great!!!

  40. Wow, I am SO BAD at following directions. Glad I’m not the only one. (:

    OK, this week I am working on (let me just look around the room a sec…): a pair of boys pajamas, a pleated baby girl top, a baby carrier, a Bonsai Bag pattern (from the top of course), a little boy shirt-from-man-shirt, a snow bunting, and a baby headband. Ack! I must be insane. Happy sewing to you Andrea!

  41. Cute giveaway! How did I almost miss this post? This week, I’ve done some sewing, I just made a cute valance for Abigail’s room and I’ve got a date to teach her how to sew up a cute decorative pillow to match.

  42. EmileeHope above sent me from her blog post about this…how cute. Hmm…this week. I need to mend some pants…so sad. Not exciting. BUT my other goal is to make some simple fabric napkins. Just some fun, bright and simple things to decrease cost, dress dinner up, and some sewing that hopefully my 10 yr old can get involved in. We also plan to make some lap blankets for hospice via the Wearethatfamily.com blog! So there hopefully will be some fun sewing and crafting along with the needed and mundane!!

  43. I just came over from Modify Tradition – LOVE that table runner!!!! Thank you so much for sharing =)

    This week, in addition to several sewing projects I hope to accomplish, I am planning to make a birthday cake for my daughter who will be 12 on Friday!

  44. I would love to win your cute litte wallet. This week I am finishing a 3 Wonky HOuses wall hanging.

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