Shop Update …

The “Happy Little Camera Strap Slipcover Hello 2010” colorway is available in the shop now …


The “Happy Valentine’s Day Bunting” is also available.

I’m still waiting (trying to be patient, twiddling my thumbs, HA) for my new labels to stitch into the “Oh Snap Mini Wallets” and into the other mystery ruffle project. They shipped on Friday, so I’m crossing my fingers for Monday or Tuesday which means Tuesday or Wednesday before they’re in the shop.

In the mean time, I met this heaven sent bundle of love yesterday (who belongs to one of my best (and oldest … and I don’t mean her age)) friends. He tried to come more than 9 weeks early only to have to be coaxed out 4 days late. I better get his Mama’s diaper bag finished this week. Must not drive other there every day and hold baby. Every other day should be just fine.

Happy Creating (try to top that little creation)!

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