Taking a break …

… from ‘business’ sewing and enjoying a little ‘personal’ sewing this weekend.

Me and my cough (or my cough and I?) are still joined at the hip, still not getting a ton of sleep at night, but FINALLY feeling up to sewing again. Whoohoo! A little cough syrup with codeine, some iced tea and my sewing machine … things are looking up!

(photo credit: Oh Fransson!)

A little more than a year ago, I bought this pattern, Simple Modern Baby Quilts. And then I bought fabric from David Walker’s Robot line. All with the intention of making my son a quilt for his new big boy bed and his 5th birthday. Well my son will be turning 6 next month (baa-haahaa … not talking about this … la la la la la) and the quilt is still not done. In fact I had only gotten it cut out, no actual sewing had begun.

(Fabric, David Walker’s Robots)

And do you know why?

Well the pattern looks simple enough, right? Until you multiply it by FOUR! Because my big boy doesn’t have a toddler bed, or a twin bed, oh no, he has a full size bed all to his little 5o lb self!

And that is what scared me away.

But Friday I started … and I have almost half of the blocks done (half = 50 blocks) and the other half are half way. I’m hopeful I’ll have them all done by tomorrow and then I can start making rows.

Monday is back the grind of ‘business’ sewing though so I better sew quick!

Happy Creating!


  1. I love the quilt in the top picture! looks simple and fun. I have been looking for a baby quilt pattern to make for my friend who is expecting a little baby boy.

  2. Your quilt is going to look great. The fabrics you picked are perfect. I’m sure your son will love it.

  3. Love the fabric. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. Oh this is PERFECT for boy month!!! Do you want to do a pattern review for my blog???

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