The fog is lifting …

So much for a nice long weekend. Friday morning I woke up with an ominous sore throat which landed me in bed for the next 3 days. Ugh. The bright side? My wonderful husband took great care of me (fetched me Starbucks everyday) and our son. He let me get tons of rest, insisted on cooking, took E on errands so the house was nice and quiet. And honestly, with the situation in Haiti, I was very humbled and tried not to complain … I tried to be thankful for each little thing I would normally take for granted. A house, a bed, clean sheets, blankets and hot clean water to name just a few.

So, moving on from me …

I have to share the most wonderful comment I received on my tutorial post. Angie (whose blog, My Three Sons, is chalk full of inspiration) has already made a table runner from my tutorial. And I am *in love* with it. I tried to convince her it should come to my house, but for some reason she didn’t e-mail me right back with an ‘okay, where should I send it?’ Weird. 😛 But she did say I could share pictures on my blog … so take a looksie

Isn’t it great? I love the orange/aqua color combination. In fact I have the fabric all ready for a baby pinwheel quilt using these same colors … now I just need to find the time. How come I can’t stash that the way I do my fabric?

Now I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many new blogs in one day, so aside from Angie’s blog (a new favorite to me) … I’ll just share one other creative blog I follow.

Film in the Fridge

Ashley, the author of Film in the Fridge, not only makes a crazy amount of quilts, but each one is unique, modern, fresh and fun. While I tend to stick to more cookie cutter routines and projects, there is no shortage of new inspiration on this blog … especially if you like modern quilting. Having completed only TWO quilts (a lap quilt and a baby quilt) in my life … I’m also in awe of just how many quilts she has created.

Maybe this is a new read to you, and maybe not … if not, why don’t you share one of your favorites with me?

Later this week I’m going to share what I’m working on, what’s coming to the shop (aside from all the fun “Oh Snap Mini Wallets” and “Everyday Ruffle Pouches” showing up daily) and a few more blogs that inspire me.

Happy Creating!!


  1. I love Ashley’s blog!
    she’s fabulous!
    I don’t know if I could even choose a favourite of hers but the half hexagon quilt she posted today was pretty sweet!

  2. Thanks for the love! And what honor to be included with Ashley’s.

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