Tut, Tut …


Well this is a first. A few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest blogger on a fairly new (but very fresh and fun) quilting blog. It’s called “Modify Tradition” and it’s all about a modern look at the traditional quilting blocks. Crystal, one of the creators of the blog, asked me if she could share my ‘Modern Pinwheel Table Runner’ … you remember this one …

She really liked the piecing on the back. Guess what? I really liked that piecing too. In fact I liked it enough that I actually had the fore thought to makes some notes after I created it (trust me … this never happens). I’d been wanting to share a quick tutorial for the table runner because I think it’s so fun, so full of potential and the best part … really so quick, easy and doesn’t require a ton of fabric. Crystal’s request was just the push I needed. So thank you Crystal!

So pop on over to Modify Tradition to see my guest post AND my tutorial (including a downloadable copy).

I’ll add it to my side bar just as soon as this house of mine gets sparkly clean (do you know I love to clean my house … especially when armed with a large glass of iced tea AND chocolate chip cookies).

Happy Creating!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. The table runner is awesome. It would be cool to expand into a whole quilt top. The fabrics are making my super happy this afternoon.

  2. I made one! It’s on my blog today. Thanks for the tutorial!

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