Well hello …

To all of you sweet things that left me comments. Gosh that makes a girl feel great :).

So just a little hint about the visual sneaks to come tomorrow (did you know I LOVE surprises? Love them.):

  • I will be introducing THREE items to my shop next week. Two of them are items I’ve sold before (in new colorways) and one is a brand spankin‘ new item. I’m hoping they go up Monday or Tuesday next week, but it’s a bit dependent on receiving my new labels.
  • I will be giving away TWO items next week. Yea for giveaways. Extra chances will be given to anyone who has already stopped by and said hi to me on this blog. Yea for extra chances.
  • I’m writing up my first tutorial that will be featured on a very fresh and fun bloggity blog sometime next week.

More hints …

Can we say polka dots?

And ruffles?

And felt hearts?

Oh my … I’m about to faint from all the cute in my little sewing room right now!!

COS – (Change of Subject) or as my five year old would say, “After this it’s going to be a new discussion.”

This is the belated table runner I made for one of my best friends. Thankfully I have very patient friends who humor me and act like my handmade gifts are worth the wait. I wish I was ahead of things like this, but at least I’m getting down to a less than 3-month post event turn around. Progress.

(Again, table runner based off of this tutorial. I think I like it ;))

“And if you’re making one, you might as well make two.”

What timing … I needed a wedding gift. Look, I was ahead of the game for once!

Happy Creating!!


  1. I’m madly in love with your five year old!

    “After this it’s going to be a new discussion”…so great. I’m going to bet that I’ll get a change to say that at least three times tomorrow!

  2. That is very cute!!!!

  3. Ruffles?! I heart ruffles!

  4. I love that table runner! I hope your friends truly appreciate your handmade gifts. So much love goes into them.

  5. love the runner… can’t wait to see what your tutorial is…

  6. I love that table runner. I sooo need to make one for myself (or two!). LOL!

  7. Hi Andrea, I love the way you use so much white for your quilts. They just look so fresh and cheerful. I’ve been a bit nervous to use whites, afraid the backing will show through. You seem to use colored backings for your white quilts. Do you have a secret that keeps the colors from showing through? Again, love your work. Thanks for any hints you have.

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