Fabric Fun …

I’ve had some fun fabric bundles showing up in my mailbox recently and thought it only right to share (or encourage more fabric buying … I’m all about stimulating our economy :D).

Bundle #1 – (12) 1/2YD cuts
I actually ordered this one back in December. I know I was inspired by something … a quilt, a pattern … I can’t remember right now but I really like them. I’m thinking maybe a quilt for our master bedroom? Any pattern ideas? Since I can’t seem to remember what I wanted to use it for, LOL. Tell me I’m not the only one this happens to!

Bundle #2 – (8) 1/2YD cuts
This one I DO remember …
Inspired completely by this post. I loved this quilt and the color scheme (lime green/dark gray) but for some reason exercised restraint and did not buy the bundle. But then Elizabeth had to go and do another version. That was it, the orange put me over the edge. I decided I wanted to get a bit more fabric (1/2 YDS instead of FQ’s) so I used the awesome color tool on Hawthorne Threads to create my own orange and gray palette. Love this set. I’m thinking I’ll use dark gray sashing and make this one for our living room. That orange accent wall is really working out ;).

Bundle #3 – (8) 1/2YD cuts
I just bought this bundle last week after I saw this photo on Flickr. First off, if you don’t know about Camille, you should check out her wonderfully adorable blog, Simplify. Serious creative eye candy. I mean really, one picture and 10 minutes later I had fabric ordered inspired by the colors she posted. I originally planned for this become a baby quilt, but now I think it’s going to be used to make a baby bunny (below), some spring bunting and a spring table runner.

(Image Credit: Baby Binky Bunny by mmmcrafts.)

And with that I better get sewing. Only a few more days ‘off’ before I get back to sewing for the shop :). Please share any fabrics you’ve bought for special projects recently. Compulsive fabric shoppers love company!

Oh and be sure to come by tomorrow … fresh cookies, iced tea, a pattern review AND maybe, just maybe a prize (or two) for reading the world’s longest blog post :D.

Happy Creating!


  1. LOVE your new treasures! especially the gray and orange… I’m digging that combo! And those bunnies are just too cute!

  2. oops, so excite about your stuff to say I posted some recent purchases on my “Lois Creates” blog (www.loiscreates.com/2010/02/building-my-stash-and-one-task-down.html)

  3. I love your new fabrics! I’m afraid I’m addicted too…

  4. loving all your new fabrics! Great color combos. The orange and gray is quite lovely. You are making it really hard for me to keep telling myself “you do not need a fabric collection…you do not need another crafty addiction…” Ugh.

  5. I love all of those fabrics! I love online fabric shopping…it’s so addicting!

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