Happy Monday! Giveaways and Sneaks!

Happy February 1st!

Warning – Grab a glass of iced tea and a fresh baked muffin, this is going to be a long one!

Are you sick of winter? Yep, I pretty much am too! Although we did get a nice blanket of snow over the weekend … I suppose if it’s going to be COLD, it might as well be pretty too, right?

Aside from the winter cold that February brings, it really is one of my favorite months. My long awaited sister (we’re 10 years apart) was born in February. Valentine’s day is in February. President’s day (i.e. no school/no work) is in February. But my very favorite February was 6 years ago when my son was born.

So in honor of all of that, I’m hosting a giveaway over at another one of my favorite crafty blogs, mmmcrafts. Larissa’s blog is chalk full of wonderful and it is so pleasing just to look at … I mean really, look at her banner? Created by her … adorable. And funny? Oh yes … just last week she mentioned “hammy arms” in a post and had me laughing out loud. Really I did.

And remember these guys …

My “Molly Monkey” & My “Mikey Monkey”

Yep, Larissa is the brains behind both patterns. Molly Monkey is available for free on her blog … free? Yes, free … can you believe that? Go, download and sew!

In addition to the Molly Monkey pattern, Larissa has kindly offered to give one of my blog readers their choice of one of her other patterns, Mikey Monkey, Katy Kitty or Baby Binky Bunny.

Seriously, Katy Kitty with red corduroy, what could be cuter?

Uh, maybe a baby bunny wrapped in it’s own blanket?

To enter to win your choice of pattern, leave me a comment letting me know which one you’d choose and what you would name your softie.

And in case you don’t win, you better bookmark the mmmcrafts Etsy shop where you can find all three of these patterns.


Half way point … are you still with me? Better re-fill your tea!

In shop news, I’ll be stocking the shop with a limited edition (only 10), one of a kind, Valentine’s Day “Happy Little Picture Keeper.”

Here’s a sneak …

Some very fun fabrics, an applique bird on the front and … wait, what’s that I see tucked into the crayon pocket? Those aren’t crayons. Nope, those are one of a kind peg dolls painted by me :).

Here take a closer look …

Each picture keeper will feature 2 of these little cuties as a special bonus!
These will start showing up in the shop sometime tomorrow … but if you want to reserve one, send me a note (knittybitties(at)gmail.com).


And in other giveaway news … two of my wonderful customers have a blog design business and they are hosting a Knitty Bitties giveaway this week. So, hop on over to RV designs (how cute is their blog) and check out their wonderful design services and give them a little love on their new blog!


Phew, I think that is all for today … but I’ll be back in a few days to share another giveaway with you. Seriously? I know, this is looking like one great week isn’t it?

Happy Creating!


  1. I would love a pattern! I would like the bunny “Beatrice bunny”

  2. Oh em gee! I am loving the baby bunny wrapped in a blanket! Too cute!

  3. I love Larissa’s blog! I am already a keen follower and used her free Molly pattern to make my girl a softie for christmas.
    I would of course love to add one of her other softies to my girl’s collection… I am thinking the baby bunny in a blankie, I think I’ll name her ….. Bibi Bunny!
    To see the story behind my girl’s Molly (or Sally in this case)…

  4. Katie Kitty is so cute! Kitty would fit in perfectly with Bear, Baby, Ellie- phant and Bob-bob.

  5. Paula L. says:

    I would love to win the pattern for the baby bunny and his blanket. And I would let my daughter name it but if she needs help I would suggest Lucca Bunny.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  6. I so want that Binky Bunny Pattern! I asked my girl what she would name her, and she said Myage, because I would pretend she was my age. Ahhh. Kids. LOVE EM!

  7. Oh my cuteness!! How will I ever decide which one I would want?!?! That monkey in the pirate clothes is too much fun, and those sweet little bunnies-so adorable! (Plus my little sister had a real kitten who she names Katie Kitty-everything was name Katie when she was little-so that would be fun to make for her!)

    I don’t know about names because I would want to make them all, multiple times…it seems like nearly everyone I know is pregnant right now!!

  8. love the baby bunny wrapped in a blanket.. super cute.. not sure on a name.. maybe something like ballerina bunny and maybe add a batterina skirt to it.. ??

  9. That bunny looks so cuddly. It’s very unoriginal but I think I’d keep the name Binky Bunny – it’s so cute!

  10. You don’t need to enter me in your giveaway. I just wanted to say how cute your little peg dolls are. so so fun! I’m coveting your new buttercup bags, maybe I can convince a certain some on to get it for me for vday.

  11. I love the bunny…my kiddos absolutely require their babies be wrapped in blankey’s all the time…I’d call it Baby Bunny! I know, not original…but practical!

  12. oh man, those are so cute. i would have to go with the baby bunny, its stinkin adorable. WOW, you two are so talented.

  13. The baby bunnies captured my heart. I’d make some as Easter gifts and allow the recipients — my niece and nephews — to do the naming!

  14. I love the red cat! How cute and sassy.

  15. OOOOHHHH, they are all soooo cute but the bunny, the bunny! Since my kids have a favorite aunt named Bunny, they would probably name it little bunny funny bunny (after her) or maybe after a favorite song – little bunny foo-foo. =)

  16. I love the baby binky bunny. So cute. I think my daughter would name her bunny. She’s really original! lol!

  17. love those patterns – I’ve done a Molly Monkey and would love to get a Mikey pattern!

  18. I’m in love with the bunny!!! Sweetness.

  19. The bunnies are sooo stinkin cute! The name…i would have to leave it up to my kiddos. They love to name their “friends”.


  20. love that kitty:-)

  21. I would like to win the Baby Binky Bunny pattern!
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  22. I think I’d have to go with the Monkey, but the bunny is pretty adorable.

    The Monkey would have to be Marvin.

  23. I would love a Kitty, I’m afraid she’d have to remain Katie, after my sister, mother, Grandmother, and daughter, Not all Katie but versions of it. I’ve made the binky Bunny, It’s a great pattern. Larrissa is ever so friendly!

  24. I have been wanting the bunny pattern for a YEAR for my little gal. Already dubbed it Bubby Bunny.

  25. Mikey Monkey is the cutest! That’s my choice, for sure. We’d probably name him a pirate name like Captain Monkey at first until my five year-old came up with a better one. : )

  26. The baby bunny is so sweet. I love the eyes!

  27. the baby bunny pattern is so cute! i would love the chance to win that pattern :)

  28. I think I would like the bunny pattern because it looks the easiest and I’m not a great sewer. I would name him BooBoo Bunny.
    Melissa B.

  29. Oh, I have a CAT FANATIC in my house. A little four-year old who would adopt the Katy Kitty in a heartbeat. Most of her cats are named Cookie Cat, so we’d have to come up with a new cat/kitty name. Hmmmm…MiMi Meow?

  30. I’d love Katy Kitty. I already have the other two patterns – they are wonderful! My daughter would name her new kitty Sadie. Thank you!

  31. I love these patterns! I have the bunny pattern and have made 2 already and they are so sweet! I would definitely want the kitty and leave the naming up to my little girl.

  32. absolutely love the monkeys & bunnies. we’ve already made a “molly” & “peaches” monkey & my girls adore them. we’ve been pining over the bunny pattern for weeks, would love to give that a try. she is just too adorable. i’m sure my littlest will promptly name him “stanley” :) after her favorite book “that rabbit belongs to emily brown” by cressida cowell. :)

    have a great week!

  33. I would choose the bunny. It is after all the only pattern of hers I don’t currently own. I just love her patterns and blog. 😉 I asked my daughter and she said she would name him “rabbit bun”. She is 4. :)

    By the way I love your picture keepers and people that come with!! So adorable.

  34. I would love the Katy Kitty Pattern, and I think she’d just have to stay Katy, because the name fits so well.

  35. I have two little girls who would love to share Katy Kitty. In fact, I’m working on a Molly Monkey right now, so Katy Kitty would be the perfect companion. My girls name every doll or stuffed animal that comes into our house Keisha, so I’m sure Katy Kitty would be renamed Keisha Kitty.

  36. I would love a Mikey pattern. Pirates and monkeys… does it get better! I would call him my “Perky Pirate”

  37. I like the Bunny pattern… Naming her “Bunny Blues”

  38. LOVE the bunnies!! would have to let my kiddos name them…which means “mr. or mrs. bunny”…creative geniuses, they are!! 😉

  39. I’ve wanted one (or all) of those patterns for so long, how awesome would it be to win one!!

  40. Mikey is my secret crush. I would name him Something piratey…. like Matey. Love!

  41. I would pick the boy monkey as my son has been wanting one of these. I haven’t made the girl monkey as of yet as I am a beginner sewer and thusfar it looks daunting for me. Maybe I will win it and get the courage to make it for my four year old. He said he would name it Fred. Thanks for the opportunity. I love Larissa’s site and am glad to find yours through looking at hers. Your giveaways were beautiful. I am using my husband’s google account as mine is a yahoo one.

  42. I would want the bunny in a blanket. I would make a pink and blue one and call them Pinkie and Blue Boy after the paintings by Thomas Lawrence. When I was the two you made its the first thing that came to my mind. Funny how the mind works.

  43. I would like the bunny in the blanket. I would make a girl bunny and name her Lillian after my grand daughter who will be here in a couple of months.

  44. Oh, I just love Larissa’s blog, and I’m happy that she introduced me to you!
    I’d definitely choose the Baby Binky Bunny pattern and I’d name the girl version Ivy and the boy version Stuart (I really can’t tell you why); thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  45. A baby bunny definately! I think it would be Jago – one little boy would understand! 😀

  46. amanda says:

    Hey, it’s just me (your silent friend) stopping by. The girls would love one of these softies. It’d be cute to make them to match their rooms. And then if I had a craft night with friends maybe I would actually get to making them. ;o)
    Thanks for sharing some other fun blog friends and giveaways too.

    Happy February!

  47. Love your blog and Larissa’s too! You guys are both an inspiration to me! I would choose the Katy Kitty, and name her Katie Kat. My 5 mo old daughter, Kate, was a kitty for Halloween and we called her Katie Kat, so it would be too cute. And her room is red & cream, so the color theme who be soooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. I love the baby bunny pattern! I love your site and you are very creative. My friend Sandy C. told me about your shop I’m sure you know her where you live.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas

  49. I love the baby bunny pattern! I love your site and you are very creative. My friend Sandy C. told me about your shop I’m sure you know her where you live.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas

  50. Love the bunny – my name would be Bella Bunny – so cute.

  51. I would love to win the mikey monkey pattern!

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