Pattern Review: Simple Modern Baby Quilt

Okay guys, I’ve baked up a batch of oatmeal cookies and brewed a pitcher of iced tea. So grab a cookie, some tea and settle in for a little (uhm, long) pattern review.

If you’re here from ‘Celebrate the Boy‘ … welcome! It’s so nice to have you.

This is my first pattern review. I spend 75% of my day with my six year old son OR with myself. Two things to keep in mind as you stumble through this grammatical nightmare, okay? I tend to write like I talk … a little here, there and lots of ‘…’ to pause and catch my breath :).

** Warning – This is 30% pattern review, 70% rambling and thoughts by me. I’m apologizing now for the potential waste of time reading this. πŸ˜€ **

A little over a year ago I came across a fabulous blog, Oh, Fransson! I’m sure many of you know just how wonderfully creative its author, Elizabeth, is … seriously, I am in awe of all that she creates and the amount she creates. So anyway, in reading her blog and looking through her Etsy shop, I spotted her “Simple Modern Baby Quilt” and knew it was just what I wanted to make for my son.

I loved the ‘simple and modern’ look … seriously, it is the perfect description.

First, I printed the pattern (yes it’s big at 33 pages, but it’s full of details wonderful for those new to quilting) and read through it several times. Then knowing I was making this for a full size bed, did some simple math to figure out how much fabric would be needed for a larger version of the quilt. I decided I would basically make (4) quilt tops and then sash them together to make one quilt top approx. 80′ x 90′.

Knowing my material requirements, I set about picking out fabrics and choose the main prints (for the centers of the blocks) from David Walker’s Robots line. I wanted colors that would match the current stripes in my son’s bedroom (I’m keeping those up as long as I can … they were not easy) and this line had a bit of each color in it. Once I received those fabrics in the mail (I *heart* online fabric shopping … so much better than dragging my son and/or husband along with me) I went to a local quilt store and picked out coordinating prints for the outer blocks. I picked based on colors from the robot prints. The solid blue is Kona cotton picked out at my local JoAnns (not the biggest color selection, but you can’t beat the 40% off when you need a lot of fabric. Not my favorite color of blue, but it works well with the prints and with the paint/color scheme already going on in my son’s room.

Following Elizabeth’s suggestion, I used her *ingenious* ‘Your Quilt’ page to attach fabric samples to keep all my fabrics/blocks straight.

I did not pre-wash my fabrics, BUT I also backed my quilt with a traditional cotton backing. Elizabeth calls for a micro-fiber or chenille backing which is why she tells you to pre-wash. Listen to her, she knows what she is doing (I on the other hand am making this up as I go :D.

I managed to cut all my fabric with in a few weeks of getting it purchased. I choose not to fussy cut the centers of my blocks for two reasons … money and time. I was trying to make the quilt as economically as possible and I wanted to save time … my cutting took quite a bit of time since it was all x4.

** Note – you should really follow the pattern as you sew, even if you pre-read, read and read again. Especially if a year goes by after you’ve read the pattern and cut your fabric. **


Seriously, I saw those piles of cut strips and freaked out … just freaked out, put it in a box and tried to forget it. But my son remembered and kept asking when I was going to get to his quilt (oh he knows how to get to me). So I was determined to get this quilt done for his 6th birthday and re-do his room in a robot theme to go with the new quilt.

So, I pulled out the box … was surprised to see all the pieces cut (I apparently had repressed all the cutting when I freaked out). Hurray! A big step done.

I started to piece the blocks, but did I refer back to the pattern? Nope, just did it … and did it wrong. My top/bottom are my sides and vice versa. Good thing this wasn’t a deal breaker.

Once all my blocks were sewn (all 100 of them) I followed the easy peasy pattern chart and layed them all out creating (4) quilt tops. I then attached the (4) quilt tops with 5″ sashing in between to create one quilt top.

Then I tried it on the bed for size … yea another picture!!!!

I was very intimidated by the size at this point and while I really knew I should add sashing to the top, bottom AND sides … I only added it to the top and bottom (3″ sashing). Making my final size more like 80’x85′.

Then I pieced the back from what I had left. No pattern, no plan … just getting the most out of what I had. I had to break into my Amy Butler full moon dot fabric (in tangerine … tied as my favorite with the lime). I was on the phone with my bestie … I told her it was really hard to cut into. She said that seeing as how I could hardly part with it for my one and only child, she didn’t expect to ever receive anything made with Amy Butler. She might be right.

I then pinned my bottom, batting and top. Except I made the sandwich upside down and ended up pinning the bottom. I wasn’t about to undo the pins, so I went with it.

Having read/watched most of the free motion quilting you-tube video’s by Leah Day, I set up my work station with extra tables and my ironing board to create a bigger platform for my quilt to rest on. I started in the middle of my quilt as recommended. I did not roll my quilt at any point. The middle was the hardest. I wore grippy garden gloves and had to pay extra attention to the pins since they were upside down. I only went through one (yikes!). See my ever present companion, Starbucks Iced Tea?

**Edited to add – I used a ‘free motion’ pattern for the quilting. Elizabeth gives a great tutorial of this in the pattern, but even more detailed on her blog. This isn’t drawn on, you just go for it! Also, this was not my first time free motion quilting. I’ve done quite a few table runners and a few baby quilts, just nothing of this magnitude. Last, I have to thank my pretty sweet sewing machine for making it perhaps a bit easier with it’s extra wide arm/plate. I *heart* quilting with “Miss J.” **

I think it took about 4-5 hours (and about 13 bobbins) to quilt the entire top in a free motion pattern. I did it in 3 different shifts.

I used blue variegated thread on top and a solid blue (matching the Kona) on the bottom. I wish I had used the solid on top too … oh well, live and learn.

I did not add the applique, but I think it is adorable and should be a requirement on the original sized version.

As I mentioned above (what, you forgot … since that was 30 minutes ago when you read it?) I backed my quilt in a more traditional manner, but Elizabeth gives great instructions on backing with a micro-fiber or chenille. So soft and sweet for a baby quilt. I followed her instructions for traditional binding.

My husband can’t understand hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt, but I love it. I’m cozy under the quilt with a 2-3 hour excuse to sit and watch TV. Or a movie … in this case, The Taking of Pehlam 123 … it’s a good thing I was looking down for much of it.

Pattern grade – A+
Skill level – Beginner up to Advanced Sewer
Time Investment – Approx. 20 hours
Wow factor by recipient – AWESOME!!
Husband requesting quilt – Guaranteed

And did you see this ‘Celebrate the Boy’ post … Bot Camp tutorials? Hello perfect timing. I need to sew up a few pillowshams AND have added the rocket mini quilt to my to-do list. Love it!


Phew … if you just read that, you’re awesome. If you just scanned it, you’re still pretty great :). Either way, you deserve a prize. And guess what? I have three ‘Simple Modern Baby Quilt patterns’ to giveaway thanks to Elizabeth! Just leave your name and if you want … link me to a favorite quilt on flickr. Because I like to see other quilts and I *need* ideas :). Comments open until Wednesday, March 3rd.


  1. Awesome job! And I just love the robot room! Too cute!

    Here’s one of my flickr faves: Love the colors!!

  2. here is one of my current favorites on Flickr…I can’t wait to come back and go thru all the links! thanks for a chance at the pattern, would love love love it!

  3. I love the robot theme…need to think ahead to what my 3 year old will like when he is six as a quilt that size will take me even longer!!

  4. Guess what I am in the UK and have just recieved some robot fabric to make my first ever quilt for my eldest who will be 4 in a month!!

  5. Wow! I’m impressed! I have just completed my first quilt for my little girl. It took me forever to get the ‘confidence’to start it! It’s using andover’s Hungry Catterpillar fabric which is just totally adorable. But now I need a new project … here’s hoping

  6. Your son’s quilt is great. I, too am intimidated by quilting a big ol’ thing like that on my home machine. So I have many unquilted flimsies. Love your blog, too.

  7. I love your quilt! I have a lovely pile of Cogsmo (Cosmo Cricket) ready to make up a pair of quilts for my two boys when I can bring myself to actually cut into it.

  8. I have had this pattern bookmarked and your website bookmarked, too, but it never got into my google reader, so I haven’t been reading for a while!! Thank you so much for this post on using the pattern and on quilting it with your machine. I took my first class last spring and need to just get going. If you like Denyse Schmidt you may want to try the quiltalong with littlebluecottage using Hope Valley. Beth Lehman

  9. Your quilt turned out beautiful! I have these that I’m considering for our bed:
    I’m using Katie Jump Rope, though.

  10. Great quilt! I love that you did a full size – makes me feel better about attempting to machine sew a twin. Thanks!

  11. Love your review. I loved sitting with you as you quilt. You’ve made me feel I could do that. Janet

  12. I have a quilt in a drawer that sounds a lot like your son’s quilt…scary!! Glad to know I am not the only one who starts and get stuck for a LONG time!

    Here is a favorite quilt (though not on flickr). It was a wedding gift from my friend Missy.

  13. That robot quilt is super cute! My little boy would love this!

  14. I am just getting into quilting (I don’t have a fav flckr link to give you!) and I have zero patterns – I’d love to have this one! So cool :)

  15. I’ve just started to sew and quilt andam amazed at your quilt. I have two little boys who love robots, so your son’s room was a great inspiration for me. Thanks!

  16. i don’t have a photo to share yet, but these are my fabrics:

  17. I have some ideas for a quilt for my sons room. But I am soooo intimidated by the thought of doing a full size quilt!!

    shawnnahouseholder at gmail dot com

  18. Love it! Fantastic quilt, great pattern — thanks for the giveaway chance!

  19. wow i would love this pattern!! we’re moving soon and re-doing my daughters room and i want to make her bedding when she moves into a big girl bed. love it! and a favorite quilt of mine… i have so many ideas saved! but i love this one-

  20. Oh my goodness…I ADORE Miss Elizabeth’s work, and would love to win one of her patterns!

    I’m not much of a Flickr person…and all my favorites are on Oh, Fransson, anyhow. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the great review!!! I’ve made a few of her quilts, but always the free tutorials…and I hadn’t thought to just make four of them and stick them together!!

  21. Beautiful!

  22. I would love to win Elizabeth’s pattern! We are in a quilting her together right now, and I was eyeing her patterns. Here is a link to my flickr page, where I have photos of several quilts that Ive made.

  23. I’ve been looking at this quilt for awhile and having the pattern might actually get me moving to make it! You did a great job!!! Sarah skubinski at mac dot com

  24. Wow, love! Showed the pics to my almost 6 year old son and with upcoming plans to redo his room he has now switched from fish to robots! Thanks for the post, enjoyed reading it.

  25. I want to make a quilt for my son to celebrate him moving into his own big boy room this May… I think it might be a little overwhelming though… I should just do it anyways, Yours turn out so wonderful!

  26. Loving that quilt! I would never have thought of multiplying it by 4 to get the big-boy size…thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.

  27. Kathy says:

    Wow! So adorable. I would love to make a quilt like this one for my sons room. The robot fabric is fantastic!

  28. I love it!! I don’t have a favorite quilt….becauiae I am just getting into it…and pretty much everything about it scares me!

  29. This is beautiful and you just can’t beat that fabric! Wonderful job!

  30. Paula L. says:

    I loved reading your post and your quilt is amazing. Great work!
    I would love to win a pattern, please count me in.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  31. What an accomplishment! You did an amazing job, and to share the fruits of your labor with your family is so sweet :)

  32. How fun! I must admit that I’m not a quilter-it intimidates me, but I have been wanting to try. This pattern looks adorable for our upcoming baby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. The quilt looks great! I’m still to intimidated to start quilting, but maybe if I had a pattern to follow… =)

    I’ve fallen in love with this quilt:

  34. I wouldn’t mind a copy of Elizabeth’s pattern. I think she makes awesome quilts!

    I’m also impressed with your courage when it comes to tackle sucha big quilt. It looks great and I’m happy your boy loved it!

  35. Lovely! I’ve been wanting to try quilting. :-)

    katylmoss at gmail dot com

  36. I love this quilt. Would love to have the pattern as well

  37. love that quilt, thanks for the tips on quilting a big quilt – I needed them!!! I’ve got the fabric to make a quilt for my own bed that I’m just really unsure about. Anyway, my favorite flickr quilt this instant is:

  38. Love Elizabeth. Love that robot fabric! I’m decorating my son’s room in robots too.

    This isn’t a quilt link but a link to some robot pillows I made recently. I think you should make some to go with your son’s quilt too!

  39. I’m loving your quilt – so cute!!

  40. Great job and review of the pattern!! I have several quilts that have been sitting in my sewing room for years that I really need to finish!! Would love Elizabeth’s quilt pattern….LOVE her blog!!

  41. Great quilt! Such a cute room too!
    I once used variegated thread and didn’t really love the outcome either.
    Here’s a beautiful string quilt I’ve been looking at:

  42. I love this one :

    — I know you can’t see it all – it’s just different! :) I love your blog!

  43. Amazing work! Great job – I am so glad he loved it!

    Here is a favorite in 30s style:

  44. The robots are precious! Well done! I don’t have that much patience, but I’d sure like to try this pattern as my first quilt.

  45. I recently purchased some robot fabric to make a baby quilt and I love this pattern! Another great pattern I have been wanting to try is this one…

    Too cute right!?!?!

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give with your amazing projects and skills!

  46. Love the quilt. Love your explanation. Love the pattern!

  47. Hi, I found your blog through Made By Rae. I love the robot room, it’s so cute and boyish :)
    Since you like hand sewing in front of the TV(I do too) you can get many hours of it by going the cathedral window quilt…It is on my to-do list and here are some flickr photos:

  48. I have been looking for a quilt pattern and this looks perfect!! Thanks!

  49. This is such a cute quilt. I want to learn how to quilt, especially for my boys!
    violinjure at gmail dot com

  50. Just found you from Made by Rae (love her purses) and had to check you out. You have inspired me to tackle my first quilt. I have had the fabric for a small paper doll quilt for my granddaughters that has sat for over a year, waiting for me to get my nerve up. I guess I better get it done before they are too old for paper dolls. Would love to have the pattern.

  51. I am having so much fun reading all the guest post from Rae’s blog. You are fantastic!
    I love quilts, and made them when I lived at home. But now, my mom lives 3 states away….
    I do have some FABULOUS Amy Butler fabric I’m dying to put into a quilt…now for the time.

  52. What a big job, but you did it beautifully! I love your colors and fabrics. I don’t follow flickr much, but Ill be sure to check out your readers’ faves! Thanks for soliciting them!

  53. LOVE it! What a cute quilt… snaps for sticking with it and finishing it up! Makes me want to make some for my boys. Did you draw a “free-hand” pattern for the quilting, or just literally “free-hand” it? That’s the intimidating part. Thanks!

    I’d love to try out that pattern!
    inthegrove5 (at) gmail (dot) com

  54. i LOVE this and would love a chance at a pattern! Thanks for a great inspiring post!

  55. I have been in love with this pattern since the first time I saw it. The robot theme is perfect, my 3 year old would love it. I hadn’t thought of enlarging the pattern the way you did, but it would be great for my next project. After, of course, i finish this i-spy quilt. Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I’d love to give this a shot. I’m working on my first quilt now and it is a grandmothers flower garden pieced by hand.

  57. Ahhh! I need this pattern! I tried winging a quilt for my son’s toddler bed and it is sadly lacking. I’d love another chance to make it great!

  58. I LOVE this quilt and you robot room! I am going through a redo of my son’s room, and probably adding a little brother into the room also. I would love this pattern to make quilts for them.

  59. Wow, I love it! I’m impressed it only took you a few hours to quilt it on your machine!

    Check out this vintage quilt:

  60. I love this! I’ve just gotten into applique but I would love to be able to make a quilt for my little boys!

  61. Great job! I would love one of the patterns.

  62. Your quilt is awesome! I’ve always wanted to try quilting, and this pattern from Oh Fransson! has long been targeted by me as the one to try when I’m ready! Glad to see a great review from a novice quilter.

  63. This one absolutely blows my mind:

  64. Congratulations on your guest post! My favorite flickr spot is

    Crazymomquilts no longer posts blogs, so it is my only link to see her awesome work!

    Thanks for the pattern offer. Love your blog and my super cute ruffle wallet!

  65. Love the quilt; love your rambling manner of describing its birth.

  66. I LOVE it! I wish I could have watched you quilt that. I want so badly to free motion quilt but I’m terrified.

  67. wow you are super sweet to offer up a pattern. And I know the feeling of just needing to stash away a started project for over a year! Which reminds me I think I’m hitting the 2-3 year mark on some of mine. Maybe it’s time I pull them out eh?

  68. The quilt is adorable. I have a nephew that would LOVE that quilt.

    Here is the link to one of my favorites. I am sure you have seen it before…

  69. I’ve only made one quilt block so far for a friendship wedding quilt, but with a pattern like this, maybe I could actually get into quilt-making!

  70. i love elizabeth’s work and have been reading her blog for a while – only discovered you today via made by rae!!


  71. I love your robot quilt! I’ve seen that fabric line and come so close to purchasing it so many times but everyone I know is having girls, or so it seems! I have a big boy at home that might appreciate it but really wants me to finish the Mario Bros quilt I started for his bday last year (his 28th, I told him I MIGHT have it done by his 30th…so many 1″ squares!)
    I am impressed by your ability to embrace the full-size quilt. I made a slightly-larger than twin quilt top for my mom’s birthday last year but it sits waiting for me to quilt it because I am scared of it.
    Here are a couple of my favs. I should warn you that I love bold, bright colors:

  72. This quilt is beautiful! I started my first, simple quilt for my daughter when I was pregnant and got all of it done except the binding before she was born. Now she’s 5 months old and it’s still not finished…oops!

  73. I love how your quilt turned out! What a fun room for your little guy!

  74. That pattern is so cute! And it looks easier then the one I started and am still working on – I started it two years ago! You have inspired me to get it out again! Maybe I can finish it this year!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Your quilt is awesome! I Love the fabric combos.
    kelly at peterandkellysmith dot com

  76. I love it! I need to make 2 quilts for my little boys room. I’m just hoping I can find as much cute blue and green fabric as you did. I have a hard time finding any fabric that doesn’t look too girly, even in blues and greens (but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places). And I’m glad to see how you quilted the full size quilt. Thanks!

  77. Great job! And yes I absolutely would love a pattern! I’ve been eyeing it for a while.

  78. Oh.. so cute!!! I love it!

  79. Wow 20 hours doesn’t seem like that long – I think it would take me 20 months. It looks really cute. I think I like the colors in the one that you just made with the giraffe though, a little better.

  80. So lovely! I want to make it for my boy’s b-day gift! Thank you for giving this good chance to win.

  81. I’m so impressed with your quilt, it’s perfect for a little boy. Love the robot design on the wall as well. I haven’t ever done a quilt yet but I have a great new sewing machine that came with all the feet that I need to one day do it. I do know a few quilters and it’s pretty costly to do so I haven’t worked up the urge to do it just yet. Maybe this pattern would help motiviate me :)

  82. This is a great looking pattern! I’m a brand new sewer, just about to start my very first baby-sized quilt.

    I hate to admit, I haven’t even thought about looking for quilts on Flickr, off to correct that now!

  83. I love quilts. There really is something so much more special about making something for your child to comfort them, as opposed to purchasing. The quilt, and the room, look fantastic!

  84. I love this quilt!

  85. OH!! I love it!! Too cute!

  86. Great job on your quilt! I am thinking of trying my hand and a twin sized one for my son…although I’m sure it won’t be nearly as cute!


  87. It’s beautiful! Thanks so much for the giveaway – it would be a great motivator for me to attempt a quilt. Here’s a favorite quilt of mine on flickr:

  88. That’s a fantastic looking quilt!!

  89. I love Oh Fransson! too–one of my fave blogs. This quilt is on my to-do list!

  90. Your quilt is beautiful! That pattern sounds great.

  91. Beautiful job!!

  92. Oh sooo beautiful….I’m jealous. Great Job!

  93. Great job
    For my faves – give me aqua or red and polka dots and I am in heaven

  94. wow that’s great! I’m just finishing up my first quilt. amazing how much work actually goes into the quilting portion.

    here’s one I like from film in the fridge:

  95. I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for a looong time. It is simply adorable!!!
    Your quilt looks fantastic!!

  96. your quilt looks great, my little man would love that fabric too!

    i have a ton of favourite quilts on flickr, very hard to chose just one!
    so i’ll just go with the first one i ever favourited!

  97. I just bought a bunch of fabric for a “big boy quilt”. This quilt pattern is fantastic!!

  98. Maybe I’ll finally get started on my quilt project.

    Awesome quilt you have there.

  99. I love that quilt pattern! I’ve never made one before, but I already have fabric picked out for my oldest friend’s new baby boy!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win, but if I don’t win, I’m totally buying it!

  100. Great job on the quilt. I’m a big fan of free motion quilting…

  101. I just want to say this is beautiful!!! Absolutely stunning! No Flickr link from me b/c you now that I am soooo not a sewer/quilter… I just wanted to show some love! :) You rock, E’s mama!!

  102. one of my favs:
    a very colorful I spy quilt. Would love the chance to win the quilt pattern!

  103. What a great job – I love robot stuff. I neede to go with a car theme as I inherited my brother wood racecar bed from 30 years ago (my dad made it). So this is my favorite quilt so far (and only because I made it – there are many others that are so beautiful i can’t decide which to make next)

  104. First, love love LOVE the stripes! Great work.

    Second, am afraid of free motion-but hope to face my fears head on.

    Third, hooray to find your blog. Another stalker on the way


  105. Fantastic job, you have motivated me to get back down to my sewing room and get on with my quilting. I love OH FRansson too!

  106. I’ve been wanting to try a quilt! I would love this one.

  107. Wow, making a quilt like this *scares* the bejeebies out of me, but with a detailed pattern I might get over it.

  108. Oh great. So now I’m going to have to raid your commenters for all their fav quilts!

    Here’s one I made that I love:
    (Even though I can’t stand the Packers!)

    Thanks for the chance at the pattern!

  109. Awesome job! Love that quilt. I’ve been wanting to start quilting; beginner level pattern is just my speed!

  110. wowee, how cool. I have just finished my boy’s toddler bed quilt, but I’m sure he’ll outgrow it before I know it!

  111. Love it, it makes me want to try to quilt too!

  112. LOVE the Robot theme and the colors!!! Great Quilt.

  113. This is so inspiring for those of us who can only make it to baby blankets and lap quilts!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  114. I’ve been looking for a quilt pattern for when my son moves into his “big boy” bed and I love what you did – now I just need the pattern. By the way, I love how you write – I imagine it’s just like talking to you :)

  115. Such a cute quilt and room! I love it. Dianejjarvis at gmail . com

  116. I love your quilt and would love the simple mordern quilt pattern. It’ll make a great baby present. Thanks.

  117. I am hoping that quilting will become one of my next hobbies…would love a great pattern to start with!

  118. I love this pattern and I’m so impressed that you quadrupled it! What an awesome quilt!

  119. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it. ehgrahn at gmail dot com

  120. Really, really cool robot stuff!!

    Loved making this:

  121. Hi! What a great job you did! I haven’t made a quilt before but my curiosity and interest has been growing to the point where I am just about ready to dive in and I think this might be the quilt pattern to dive into!
    Here’s one I ran across recently that I just love…

  122. 10 or so gorgeous fabrics are currently waiting in my sewing room for a twin-size modern quilt. Would love the real deal SMBQ pattern!

  123. That turned out great! Good job on the quilting! I have my daughter’s quilt top and back already to go. I just don’t want to quilt it! I am going to link to a quilt I just made: The tutorial came from Twin Fibers and was really fun to make!

  124. your quilt looks great and I’ve love to use that pattern!

  125. Your quilt turned out awesome! Looks like it was worth the long wait. πŸ˜‰

    Here are a few of my faves:

  126. I love this quilt! I have all girls so I might girlie it up. here’s one of my faves

  127. This is gorgeous. Really great. I have made 3 baby quilts and a lap quilt, but they were just squares in cool colors. You can see them on my blog if you’re interested.

    I’d like to get into something a little more “pattern-ed” – more advanced than just squares. I think this is just the pattern to try!! GREAT JOB, it really is beautiful.

  128. Impressive! Especially the free motion quilting…still getting up the courage to try it someday…

  129. Wonderful! This whole set of quilts are fun!

  130. Great quilt! i love ‘oh fransson’s’ site! Great tutorials as well as inspiring work!

  131. What a great looking quilt!

  132. the quilt turned out great! i absolutely love it, and would love a new pattern!

  133. I’m looking for an easy pattern because I’ve never quilted before. This one looks beautiful, but simple enough. Thanks!

  134. The quilt looks great!

    This one is just exquisite…

  135. Your quilt looks fantastic! I don’t have a favorite quilt, but I plan on looking through some of the ones linked in the comments.

  136. That is a great quilt!

    Here is one of my favorite quilts from flickr. If you haven’t checked out Red Pepper Quilts, you should. I put her right up there with Oh, Fransson!

  137. So cute, the robot room is awesome! keep meaning to make this (, but now may have to add a bunch more space items for my little man as well

    I really like this quilts, love the fabric

  138. Haha, I feel the exact same way. It’s so funny how, as the writer of the post, you just feel like people will HATE reading some long explination of anything, but as the reader, it’s so informative and fun. I love lots of pictures and lots of chatty chatty posts. You get a real sense of the voice of the writer.

    My favorite quilt of mine is this one. I had forgotten how much I loved it until I looked at it again just now. I forgot how much work went into it… maybe 30 hours for a baby blanket, but whoa was there a lot of embroidery.

  139. This is my current drool-over quilt:

    Elizabeth’s quilts and patterns are amazing!

  140. Okay, this is not a quilt picture, but it is helpful for quilts: You pick a color and it gives you different color schemes you can work with! Thanks for the opportunity.

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