NEW Ruffled Happy Little List Taker …

Gosh it feels good to finally get this idea from paper to reality. These have been on the ‘want-to’ list for months now. This is a small batch of six, created from Sandi Henderson’s Meadowsweet line (love, love, love).

I do have grand plans to make several more in the coming weeks in time for my Open House. What an open house? Which happens to be just in time for end of the school year teacher gifts and graduation presents. Details on the local open house coming soon …

So tell me … what do you think of the ruffle?

And … to yo-yo or not to yo-yo?

See them popping up here :D.

Happy Creating!


  1. love the ruffle – hate the yo-yo (is that too opinionated?)

  2. I love them both. You know me, give me a little ruffle, some flowers & I’m yours. :)

  3. I <3 the yo yo! Maybe you could make them pin-on so that they can be added or removed by the recipient.

  4. I love the ruffle because it’s flat – looks very nice yet fun. The yo-yo doesn’t affect me either way so I guess keep it!

  5. Thumbs up to both ruffle and yo-yo!

  6. love these! i’ve been wanting to try something similar on my notebooks. i like them both, but i think the yo-yo might get a little too much abuse in my bag.

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