Blogger’s Quilt Along 2010 Entry …

I’m so excited by the timing of finishing this quilt …

– Almost one year after I started. How is that exciting? Well it’s not, but if I had gotten it done sooner it would have thrown off the timing for …
– I decided a week or so ago I wanted this quilt finished in time for my 33rd birthday (today). After all the fabrics are totally girly and picked with me in mind. So yes, this is a quilt for me and I finished it the day before my birthday :).
– Perfect timing to participate in Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival 2010. You see, I don’t make THAT many quilts and when I make them I share. So I wouldn’t have had anything new to share had I not put this off for a year :).

So, here it is … “My Birthday Quilt.” Started as part of Dana’s Old Red Barn Quilt Along in May 2009.

It measures approx. 70×80. It took me about 3 hours to quilt (free motion). Here’s my set up …

The front is made from Heather Bailey’s Freshcut. The back is a print I picked up from JoAnns (I was in a rush … nothing like procrastination to keep me from getting the good stuff :D) which I wasn’t sure about, but now really love. I joined the two back pieces with a strip of leftovers from the front blocks.

And here it is, nicely folded … with a birthday present from my sister. I love this print and can’t wait to hang it in my sewing room.

Me and the quilt are already fast friends. We’ve even shared a nap together!!

Happy Creating!


  1. If that was my quilt – I’d get nothing done…well, except bonding time with me under said quilt. :) SO pretty! Enjoy it birthday girl!! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday! That is such a beautiful quilt! Freshcut is one of my very favorite lines. Beautifully done!

  3. Happy birthday, what a perfect gift for yourself!! I just love the colors you used.

  4. Beautiful quilt. That is such pretty fabric.

  5. Happy birthday. Nice gift to yourself :)

  6. this is a perfect birthday quilt. i love it…the ORBC quilt is stunning

  7. Happy Birthday to you! What a great present!! I love this quilt and I’m so glad it takes someone else a year to finish a quilt.

  8. Love the girly fabrics. Altogether, this really works for me – thinking I should make one for myself! You are right, that we seem to give away most of what we make. So I’m glad you finally have a quilt of your own!

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  10. great quilt…happy birthday to you! perfect present…

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Lovely quilt and a great size! The free-motion quilting makers it look so snuggly.

  13. What a gorgeous quilt! Congrats on finishing it and happy birthday!

  14. Love, love, love it!

  15. Happy Birthday and great quilt

  16. love this– so homey! i just started one similar to this for my daughter –yours turned out beautiful

  17. Happy birthday to you! What a lovely present you’ve given yourself!

  18. Love the colors and pattern. This is one of my favorites for sure…thanks!

  19. Fast friends ! Love a good nap quilt.
    Happy birthday, and congrats on a gorgeous quilt !

  20. I love these fabrics! And the pattern is great!

  21. Refreshing quilt. Love the fabrics and colors. Great job!


  22. nice quilt–nicely done

  23. That is a great looking quilt and although it took you a year to finish it up, the free motion quilting sure was speedy! 3 hours, wow. Thanks for sharing your quilt’s story…and Happy Birthday :)

  24. love your quilt! great job in finishing.

  25. Beautiful! What lovely fabrics. Glad you got to keep this one for yourself.

  26. i still need to make myself a quilt! yours is gorgeous… i love the colors!

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