If you give a Mama new shoes …

… chances are she’s going to want a new skirt to go with them.

Yep, the new shoes I picked up on Saturday (while out celebrating my mom with my sister) are the perfect match to a little bit of fabric (by Laura Gunn) I had washed and stashed away … … already ear marked to be a skirt after I saw this one by Patty Young on Flickr.

So, I whipped it up last night using my ‘Sew What! Skirts’ book for a ‘pattern’ and added a 6in ruffled bottom. I followed the look of Patty’s by shirring the waist with 10 rows of elastic thread.

I love the way it turned out EXCEPT I’m not sure what kind of top to wear with it. Today worked as it was cool enough for a cami and sweater … but a t-shirt alone looks silly as the gathered ‘ruffle’ top edge of the skirt creates a weird line/bulge under the shirt. And trying to tuck the shirt in with the skirt on the outside also looks funny, but that might be because I’m really high waisted. Thoughts?!?!

I think I might try folding the top of the skirt down to create a smoother line … as I really want to be able to wear this again this summer.

I mean seriously, look at how well it matches the shoes

And the toes (in OPI’s Cajun Shrimp) ;).

Happy Creating … Happy Mother’s Day!
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  1. Great shoes and skirt! Looks great.

  2. what about a shorter sweater top? Today I’m wearing a cap sleeve sweater top that falls right at the waist line, perfect for the higher waist pants I’m wearing.

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