A dishcloth a day …

… keeps the smelly germie bacteria away :D.

You say this in your house too, right?

Okay, maybe not …

Well in this house, I’ve long loved my kitchen dishcloth. My husband on the other hand loves paper towels, rolls and rolls of paper towels (shaking head in shame). Bad, bad, bad … I know. What do you do? I guess I try to balance things out by sticking with my dish cloths. The only thing is … if not changed frequently (i.e. daily or more depending upon use) they not only smell bad (ewwww …stinky hands), but the cause of that smell is bacteria which is now being spread all through your kitchen.

So, I like to change out both the dish towel and hand towel daily, but gosh darn it … sometimes this mama forgets. I mean, really … did I get out a new cloth this morning? Or is this from yesterday? I don’t know … they look the same.

** Light bulb goes on. **

What if I got seven white (must be white … white = the ability to be bleached regularly. Bleach = no more germs) dish clothes and labeled them for each day of the week.

Cute and practical … I like.

Here’s how I did it~


(7) White Dishcloths (I purchased mine at Target … 6 to a pack. Yep, I now have 5 extra :D)

(7) 3″x3″ scraps
(2) 3″ strips of Heat-n-Bond
Days of the week letters printed on paper (I used Adobe Garamond Pro font at size 250pt)

Step 1::
Adhere 3″ square scraps to heat-n-bond following the directions

Step 2::
Rough cut your letters and pin to each scrap of fabric now w/ heat-n-bond

Step 3::
Cut around your letter (this is the most time consuming and annoying part of the project … I’m going to try cutting on my sister’s Cricut or Slice next time.)

Step 4::
Iron letter to individual dish cloths … waalaa

Now to make sure those letters stay put with all the abuse they’re going to receive, I added a simple line of stitching for each letter. This will also help give them a ‘shabby chic’ look as the edges fray.

Step 5::
Stitch/Trace each letter to secure and add additional cute detail

5 easy steps to cute and practical dish cloths … all for under $5 (which is like 2 rolls of paper towels, right).

Looking for some more fun kitchen tutorials? Noodlehead (such a fun blog) hosted a “Spice up your Kitchen” theme a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun projects.

Happy Creating!

{eta 9/29/11}

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. oh these are so cute! I want some. :)

  2. adore. adore. adore.
    can’t wait to make them.
    {they need to be in your shop. just saying.}

  3. I loathe stinky dishclothes! I remember having my face wiped at a neighbour’s house when I was about 4 years old and the cloth stunk. I’ve hated them since then. I’m actually surprised I’ve never had the same idea as you, since it’s a big issue for me. Maybe I should seek therapy! I’m totally making some of those. Thank you.

  4. These are so stinkin’ (ha) cute! LOVE them! I want some. I’m going to have to make them now. Thanks so much for the terrific idea!

  5. These are fantastic! I need to make me some and soon!

  6. this is such a practical and fun idea…i love the colorful letters

  7. This is SUCH a cute idea! It would make a darling (and cheap!) wedding shower gift paired with dish washing stuff!

  8. such a fun idea. I may need to try it. By the way, I hear you with the cloth versus paper towel thing. I’m actually working on a few knitted “papertowels” maybe I should put days of the week on those.

  9. Smart! And cute. I would have never thought to use fonts from the computer. I may have to use that idea for a pillow I want to make my kiddo!

  10. Okay. How much will you charge me? I want some. Like, now please.

  11. CUTE! Thanks for that! I too have a dish towel out by the sink and change it out frequently. These are too cute for words and easy to do too. Thanks!! Next time I’m in Target, I’m getting myself a bundle (or two) of dish towels!

  12. LOVE this project!!!! You should put them in your shop. Too-busy gals like me would probably pay you more than $5 for a set =)

    How do you bleach them without the cute little letters getting splotchy?

  13. Very cute and an awesome idea. We have the paper towel/dishcloth debate around here too.

  14. These are so cute! What a great idea.

  15. These are so darling, I heart this idea! I’d need about 3 per day though since I’m OCD about getting a new cloth everytime I need one, hehe. Maybe I could do numbers on mine 😉 Besides that my hubby wouldn’t pay any attention to the days and get them all mixed around anyhow, lol!

  16. How does it affect your letters when you bleach the towels?

  17. LOVE this idea!!! I use a sponge now and I’m sick of buy new one’s every week. How did they hold up? Don’t the letters get bleached? Thanks!!!

  18. That’s what I was wondering. How have these held up? I have seen cute dishtowels at IKEA like this for cheap. Would make a great Christmas gift for all the girls in the family… :)

  19. I definitely want to make a set of these! I really hate when the kitchen towel is dirty, and then I can’t find a clean one…

  20. Really cute Рadding to my Pinterest! And thanks for sharing the font you used! Can you still bleach them with the little appliqu̩?

  21. I did this!! I didn’t want to take the time to hand cut each letter so i used the Cricut. Very cute!! The only thing I would recommend when using the Cricut is that you want to use good material. The cheap material just tears. Thank you! I have 9 more sets to make before Christmas!!! :)

  22. I am over from Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/4574037091405170/) and had to check it out further! Love this idea!!! I too, do not like paper towells. Luckily my kids are now bainwashed into thinking it is normal for a roll of paper towells to last about a year!! Thinking this would make some very easy gifts also!!!

  23. cindy says:

    I’m making these today as soon as I get up. Its 2:42am and I was just browsing for some good ideas. Thanks a bunch.

  24. You inspired me! Brilliant!

  25. I have had this project in the back of my head for some years as I think this must be a universal problem. But my question is, since this is the first I’ve come across and it’s been awhile, how are your letters holding up after many washings? From California, thanks for sharing.

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