A little lemon for your day?

Don’t you just love finding a fabulous new blog to read … well okay, it’s a bit of a love/hate for me as I know it’s going to be one more thing trying to tempt me away from what I really should be doing :).

Well I’m pleased as punch … to get to share a new to me blog with you guys …

Lemon Tree Creations

With a little sleuthing and analyzing of my reader data, I stumbled upon this gem. I then spent an unmentionable amount of time reading post after post of happy …

Like this laundry room … I heart it …

And these birdies … you know I like birdies, but birdies in a nest … gah!

It’s a collaborative blog, created and written by five women. Seriously, this blog is overflowing with inspiration. From home decorating to birthday parties, sewing tutorials to making your own jewelry … there is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of fun!

I had a chance to sit down, in the virtual sense, with one of the five contributors … Tiffany. We’ve already decided that should we ever meet in real life … we’d be FAST friends and would drink A LOT of tea as we sat and chatted :).


Here’s a little Q&A …

How did Lemon Tree Creations get started?
Lemon Tree Creations got started when Erin (the brains behind the idea) contacted Patrice and I and asked us to start a craft blog with her back in February. We brainstormed names, designs, formats, etc. together and about 3 weeks later, it was up and running and we have been having a blast! We all already had family blogs where we shared a bit of our creative side but thought it would be fun to start a craft only blog with some friends. Patrice and I each asked a friend to join in on Fridays and there we had our 5 contributors.

The funny thing is that the five of us live in 3 different states and have only been in contact through e-mail and good olFacebook. A few of us have never even met in person but several of us went to the same college and know a lot of the same people.

Do you each focus on a different area/specialty?
We do not focus on a specific area although it does seem that we all have our specialty. I am the only one that sews, although I am a crazy rookie and Erin did just purchase her first sewing machine so we are excited to see what she comes up with! Amy has a definite knack for throwing great parties. Erin, Patrice, and Jessica seem to be jacks of all trades! : )

I haven’t had a chance to read through all of the posts, but I especially love Patrice’s laundry room makeover (including the ‘sock exchange’ sign) AND your bean bag tutorial. What are some of your favorite posts?

Erin – Wiffle Ball Rosette Mobile – because it is so stinkin‘ cute and using wiffle balls was genius!

Patrice – The Frame Tray – because I love that she turned a frame into a tray, love the fabric and the handles! Again, pure genius.

Jessica – Reclaimed T-Shirts – because I LOVE that ruffled brown one she used. It is so adorable and I love the shirts paired with the numbers.

Amy – Radio Flyer Birthday Party – because who has ever thought to use that little red wagon as a birthday theme. so perfectly adorable in every way. Love all the details.

I can’t say it enough, these girls I get the honor of sharing a blog with are all genius in their own special way!

I would say that Lemon Tree Creations has been an amazing thing for all of us involved. It is such a great creative outlet and we love sharing our ideas with anyone that wants them! We are all so inspired by other bloggers and we want to be that inspiration for someone too!


Then I asked Tiffany a few questions about herself and while she was happy to amuse me, I kind of think that maybe it’s not fair to just feature her … so you’ll have to go check out each of these talented girls … all adorable too (creative AND cute? Some people have all the luck!). Tiffany is sporting a sweet belly and getting ready to welcome child #3 into her family.

Thank you Tiffany (and all the Lemon Tree Creations gals) for letting me feature you on my blog … I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooked up for your next post!

Hop on over and say hello … and be inspired … and get in on a Knitty Bitties giveaway!

** All photos credited to Lemon Tree Creations. Click the photo to be taken to the original blog post. **


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