Around the shop …

Peeks around the sweat shop.

Which is becoming quite literally a sweat shop with our recent warming weather. I mean really, I’ve been hoping for some warmer weather … our high has barely been over 80 and it’s mid-June here in our desert oasis. But when it heats up outside it really heats up our upstairs … where my cute, but now really warm sewing room is. Hmmm … can a girl ever be satisfied?!?

I digress …

Look at this cute “honey-want” that showed up in the shop on Sunday night. I told my husband (a very talented woodworker) that it would be great to have a stand to hold my spool of twine I use for packaging orders. And I might have requested it to be cute too. Well not only did he make it, but he painted it for me too. In a pretty aqua. Cute, yes! Now I need to order another spool so I have choices … I think I’m going to order the cotton candy twine because it would look really cute with the orange.

And now a look at the rest of the shop … a mess! See, it’s not always perfect around here ;).

In one of my posts someone asked how I kept the carpet so clean. Confession … I’m a bit OCD. A clean freak. Type A. Anal Retentive (ewww, I hate that term, but it is so true for me). So I have a cute little container where I snip my threads (yep, I snip as I go) and put them right in it. Occasionally a thread escapes my control, but the vacuum takes care of those little bits. 😀

Now, see that pile of pillows above? Those are my awesome Goodwill find from the weekend. I’m wanting to add some pillows to our porch chairs (handcrafted by my husband) so that it looks like this porch …

Well I didn’t want to spend $5-$10 each for the pillow forms at JoAnns, so I thought I’d try the thrift store. It must have been my lucky day because I got all 4 forms AND a red/blue plaid pillow for $6 TOTAL! Whoohooo. Of course my husband is too freaked out by not knowing the previous owners to get near them, but gosh our porch will look cute. ** I did wash, bleach and dry on HOT in order to kill any lingering DNA, LOL. **

Look at this picture I’m painting … a control freak and germ-a-phobe living happily ever after :).

So, that porch inspiration came from a post on one of my favorite creative blogs, Pleasant Home. Have you been there? If not, you should … add it to your list, it’s a keeper. Each time Jodi posts a new tutorial, I proceed to buy one of her kits and copy her. Like my new table runner … just like hers. Except hers is on a super cute buffet (which her husband built … we’re smart women, marrying these crafty boys) which is white … which sets everything off … which I *love.*

The blocks of the runner are ‘double hour glasses’ … but I think they look just like spools of thread. I love the way it turned out, the perfect bit of red, white and blue for our summer table.

Now I want to start a colorful quilt like Allison’s (of Cluck, Cluck, Sew … also a wonderfully creative blog … who came up with the super quick way to make these blocks).

Phew … is this my longest post ever?

Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in Starbucks drinking iced tea. In a happy place, happily rambling to anyone who will listen.

Okay, lucky for you I have to sign off and go get my little guy from school! Only 5 days left of Kindergarten!

Happy Creating!


  1. I made up the double hour glass in some of those same fabrics! I made it as a wall hanging for my husbands office. Yours looks great and I can’t wait to get mine done!

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