Freebie Friday :D

Because the sun is shining …

Because my house is clean (for another 3.2 seconds)…

Because I’m drinking iced tea …

Because my little “tutorial” made it on one of my favorite blogs

Because it’s Friday …

And because I really like my blog readers (p.s. I love comments … even if it’s just a quick hello) …

Here’s a little giveaway for an “Oh Snap!” Mini Wallet … one of my latest set of 14!

Yep, 14 new mini wallets will be hitting the shop in the next few days. Aqua & Mustard Yellow, Gray & Hot Pink, Hot Pink & Orange, Orange & Aqua … lots of choices. We like choices, yes?

Just leave me a comment telling me one happy thing you’re hoping to do this weekend.

Mr. will pick a winner sometime Monday (June 14th) morning.

Happy Creating!


  1. I’m hoping to start quilting on the Hunter’s Star for a friend’s wedding present.

  2. Cute!!! I plan on spending some fun time in the sewing room!

  3. I plan on hitting the farmer’s market tomorrow morning and then finishing a new purse and dress =)

  4. One happy thing I plan on doing is drinking iced tea and eating grilled hamburgers with the family. : )

  5. I’m going to sew for my girls this weekend and not my shop, so they will be all decked out for our annual blueberry picking trip!

  6. Anita says:

    I’m hoping to finish a baby quilt and take a nice LONG walk at the beach :-)

  7. Farmer’s Market with my three lovely children. My husband is out of town so the theme of the weekend is “Keep them busy”.

  8. SpEnd time with my boys!

  9. Oh, so cute! My hisband and I are going to a dinner party with friends on Saturday. Can’t wait! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I am hoping to get some scrapbooking done since it is supposed to rain all weekend!

    Thanks for the giveaway, such a cute wallet!

  11. so cute! I’m hoping to scrap or knit or read in the midst of studying, laundry, cleaning and early father’s day celebrations. happy weekend!

  12. Im hoping to make a bag for my mother. Long overdue!

  13. I’ll be wishing my dad happy 80th birthday!

  14. I’m putting the finishing touches on a summer camp I’m running that starts Monday!

  15. Cute! Love the orange and pink one in your shop…speaking of shopping –I’m going to the boston craft fair Sunday and can’t wait!

  16. i’m going to work in my garden, with my littles playing in the sunshine & just enjoying the BEAUTIFUL outdoors!!!

  17. Turning 19, and taking pictures at a friends’ graduation and open house. :)

  18. so so pretty! I really am hoping it doesn’t rain so we can go strawberry picking!! yay. have a great weekend. :)

  19. Celebrating my mom’s birthday is the highlight of this weekend for me!

  20. I get to decorate a cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday & some cupcakes for a bbq. Decorating cakes makes me sooo happy! love the color combo on this wallet! so cute! you always do such a great job!

  21. I plan on speding time with the fam….hopefully no one will be in an ill mood!

  22. I plan on sewing! Yay!

  23. Love it!
    Sewing…always sewing :)

  24. I’m planning to get together with friends who have just moved back to Texas…just before we move out of state. We have sons the same age who want to play together. :)

  25. i will be celebrating my little sister’s 31st birthday with our families!! fun, fun…

  26. Love your color choice! My husband will be performing a wedding ceremony for our friends this weekend! I will be the videographer and photographer while chasing my 2 yr old around! But it will be fun!

  27. i really shouldn’t enter this as i already have two of your mini wallets already, but they get so much use that this one would make a great addition to the happy family x

  28. I plan on giving myself a pedicure!

  29. I will start and hopefully finish a bag for a friend who will have a birthday party next weekend!

  30. I am hoping to get some sewing projects done!

  31. I plan on spending some time crafting! Yeah!

  32. That is just ADORABLE!! It’s my youngest daughters 6th bday today and I hope to sneak some sewing in somewhere;) But it is sunny for the first time in weeks here in the NW so I may just be outside all day!

  33. super cute! I’m working on about 8 different sewing projects and cleaning up my sewing room!

  34. I’m hoping to shovel out the junk that gets tossed in my guest room. I hate “stuff”!

  35. praxis exam, reviving suffering backyard trees, and potty training the pup? my kind of fun! so excited when I saw your dishcloths on one pretty thing! I was going to e-mail you, but I guess you already know how super talented you are 😉

  36. One happy thing I am hoping to do this weekend is sew some baby booties for a friend from work.

  37. Amy S. says:

    A first birthday party!

  38. I’m taking my little girls dragon boating for the first time this weekend.
    yippee – can’t wait.
    love the wallet :)

  39. Love It! I just made my mom a new purse and my daughter 2 new pairs of pants!

  40. We had our annual Dairy Day this weekend and our kids dressed up in cow costumes for our parade. So much fun!

  41. I love this! I’m hoping to get my sewing machine up and running.

  42. My husband and I had a mini getaway to cottage country for a small wedding. It was wonderful!

  43. we went shopping for all the things to pack the diaper bag for the hospital for our new little one which will be arriving in July!
    so fun!

  44. Julie says:

    I dancedin the rain with my daughter :)

  45. My happy event is that we are all celebrating the hooding of my son, the Doctor! Lots of party with lots of little people, old friends, and world cup soccer!

  46. Love the colors!

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