Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt ….

What does a girl do when her husband is going to be out of town … giving her 2 LONG nights to do whatever she wants after 8PM bedtime?
Does she work on orders she should be getting out the door? No.
Does she take the chance to do some deep cleaning? No.
Does she crawl in bed with her new HP Mini and catch up on Hulu? No. (This SHOULD have been the yes!)

Nope, she starts a new quilt!
This one went FAST.
I’ve had the pattern/fabric picked out for some time now so that helped a lot. Tuesday I started cutting, by Wednesday I had a quilt top and by Friday I had everything but hand stitching the binding done.

I gave pebble quilting a try since this was a small-ish quilt (approx. 45×60). I think I like it, BUT it takes A LOT of thread and bobbins (12 I think). And I think the ‘quilting’ thread I used was too thick for this technique. It would have been better with the Sulky I think.

I love the colors. Love that it is done. Love the way it looks on the back of the couch.

The only thing I don’t love? It’s too tiny to really curl up under … and I’m all about quilts for napping, so I guess it’s just larger quilts for me from here on out ;).

{My helper’s arms were tired … and check out that furrowed brow … it’s genetic.}

Happy Creating!

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  1. Love the pebble look! Beautiful fabrics.

  2. wow, what a fast finish. i love the colors but i love the pebble quilting more!!! it looks amazing

  3. My quilt holder makes the same face too! Don’t you just love it when a project comes together so quickly and beautifully? Love it!

  4. Love this! THe pebble looks great!

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