A big step …

… for this little shop of mine.

In a few short week I’m going to have quite a few hours on my hands (break out the tissue). My little guy (i.e. my best little friend for the last 6 1/2 years) is moving on up to 1st grade. And sadly I haven’t found a 1st grade that isn’t all day long. Boo!

So, I’m thinking about my ‘free days’ and making the most of those hours so that as soon as I pick up E from school, it’s all mama-E time and not work time. I’d love to build my little business into a slightly bigger little business that gives me an outlet for my creativity, challenges my brain, pushes me personally and allows me to contribute financially to our family.

Step 1?


I mean I’ve been doing advertising here and there, slowly working at it, growing my reader and customer base through giveaways and social networking. But now I’m starting to stretch …

And today I took my first big step into advertising.

I am now sponsoring two lovely blogs in July ~

A Soft Place to Land & I just might explode

Know of somewhere I should advertise? I’d love to grow my list of ideas … you know, I love to make lists … almost as much as I love ‘…’ and smiley faces.

I know things have been QUIET around here … but I’ve got some fun posts coming up next week :D. Patriotic sewing, favorite things, custom orders and a fabulous giveaway coming Monday July 12th!!

Happy Creating!


  1. That sounds great that you get to expand your business! Well except the part about being away from your little man all day. :)

    This blog I read does advertising for people. A lot of Etsy shops. May want to check her out


  2. Hey girl,
    Email me. ;o)

  3. that is so cool. I can’t hardly think far enough ahead as to what I’ll do when my girls are in school. Althouh I do get a dose of it this fall with my oldest in 4K (except it kind of sucks because I still work part time).

  4. You most likely know this already, but neither of your sponsor “buttons” are showing up. When I went to the websites it showed the error icon (box with the red x in it). But it could just be my old computer not recognizing the icons…

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