Beautiful – The Silver Dog (GIVEAWAY)

Soooooo … I was hoping we’d get to spend a little one on one with Erin, of The Silver Dog, today, but she’s a very busy gal. Aside from creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for her shop and bazaars, she’s got a full time job …

Uhm, yea … that means that she is working like two full time jobs.

Well hey, I wouldn’t have time to sit and sip tea and eat cupcakes either. I mean I have a pretty cushy gig going (raising my little guy and playing with fabric all the live long day) and I still barely get it all done. Okay, who am I kidding, I rarely get it done.

So, even though Erin isn’t able to do a sit down with us right now, she has sweetly offered this beautiful necklace (Necklace Nautical Navy Rose and Red Jade Stone ) to one of YOU!

Enter to win, one comment for each chance::

  • Leave a comment with your favorite summer time drink
  • Visit The Silver Dog and tell us your favorite item
  • Follow The Silver Dog on Twitter
  • Follow Knitty Bitties blog
  • Follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter
  • Tweet this “@knittybitties featuring the talented @thesilverdog today with a sunshiney happy day GIVEAWAY!”

Yea 6 chances to win!! Winner will be chosen by on Sunday, July 18th.

{photo credit: all photos courtesy of The Silver Dog}

Happy Creating! See you back here tomorrow to our last guest of honor this week. Someone
else? I know! I’m having so much fun playing hostess to all this talent!

P.S. You can still enter the Allora Handmade Giveaway here.


  1. ice cream flavor: chocolate chip for sure!!

  2. those hairpins are adorable!and would look darling in someones very dark hair, just the right splash of color πŸ˜‰

  3. following Silver Dog on Twitter!

  4. I follow your blog

  5. and follow you on twitter!

  6. tweeted it! thanks for all the chances to enter!

  7. Favorite ice cream: Bunny Tracks! Thanks for the chance to win – I have an outfit that that will go perfectly with.

  8. Uummm…is there really a bad ice cream flavor? I think not. But my absolute favorite is peanut butter chocolate.

  9. Silver Dog has beautiful designs! Being an earring gal, my favorite is the pair of Handmade Earrings Vintage Red and Turquoise Blue Dangles. Love the color combo!

  10. PS – Really enjoy your blog! Always fun to read and love the interaction with commentors!

  11. My fav flavor is swamp from Buck’s ice cream.

  12. I follow your blog

  13. I love the plum and green bracelet!

  14. I dont have a twitter account but I posted on facebook about the giveaway. Does that count?

  15. chocolate icecream, with chocolate brownie bits and chocolate syrup on top!

  16. I love her Earrings Silver Flower Stacks on Sterling! So beautiful and summery!

  17. I follow your blog

  18. My favorite flavor – French Silk Pie! It’s hard to find but worth the effort.

  19. Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor. I know-boring!!!

  20. And that last bracelet with the frosted beads is amazing!

  21. I follow Knitty Bitties!!

  22. Okay, I visited the Silver Dog and I may be in a lot of trouble soon. πŸ˜‰ So many of her pieces were just gorgeous. I thought the Vintage Taupe Peony and Pearl – Special Edition Necklace was the most stunning though. She is truly gifted!

  23. My favorite ice cream flavor remains Happy Birthday by Blue Bell.

  24. And, I’ve been following Knitty Bitties for a while now. Love it!

  25. My favorite item from The Silver Dog is the handmade necklace Peach Rose and Sky Blue Czech Glass!!

  26. my favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry!

  27. I’m love all the necklaces! One of my favorites is the handmade necklace with the green rose and turquoise stone.

  28. Amanda says:

    Too much fun Andrea! My favorite summer drink currently is iced tea but I also love getting chocolate milkshakes this time of year, unfortunately a girl can’t have one of those everyday, can she?

  29. amanda says:

    So again, is this where you got that cute necklace you wore on the 4th? It was adorable too!
    My fav is her bracelets.

  30. Not sure why it’s taken me this long to become a follower but I am now!

  31. I am loving the silver dog!!
    My favorite is the Caribbean Cruise Pink Rose and Teal Stone necklace..

  32. I am a new follower πŸ˜‰

  33. My favorite summertime drink is Chick-fil-A iced tea!

  34. My favorite item at the Silver Dog is the hairpin pack with the Vintage Blue Dove, Peach Rose, and Ivory Mum. Beautiful!

  35. I follow the Silver Dog on Twitter.

  36. I follow the Silver Dog on Twitter.

  37. I follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter.

  38. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog.

  39. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  40. Good old fashioned lemonade is great!

  41. I follow your blog!

  42. I follow you on twitter. :)

  43. I now follow Silver Dog on twitter!

  44. I follow your blog too through RSS

  45. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  46. Ohhh and I love the Necklace Vintage Style Coral and Peony Pearl! I love many others too though. :)

  47. Sweet tea of course! :)

  48. I am a water girl for sure. BUT I do like to throw some fresh fruit in during the summer. Lemons, limes and berries are my fave!

  49. I follow your blog!

  50. I follow you on twitter too!

  51. Ohhh the Handmade Necklace Peach Rose and Sky Blue Czech Glass is uber cute!

  52. fun stuff! love that you’re introducing me to a few new etsy’s. I’m not drinking much other than water, but I do love a good gin and tonic every once and awhile.

  53. I love the red necklace with the green flower. so cute!

  54. following silver dog on twitter.

  55. I love her jewelry! Thanks for sharing pics with us!

  56. favorite summer drink is ice water. Boring I know! I have kicked my diet coke habit and water is my new go to drink :-).

  57. I follow your blog.

  58. I follow you on Twitter.

  59. Love, Love Love the rose necklace!

  60. My favorite summer time drink: unsweeted iced tea lemonade from Starbucks.

  61. I follow Silver Dog on Twitter.

  62. I follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter.

  63. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog.

  64. My favorite item from the Silver Dog website is the “Handmade Necklace Caribbean Cruise Pink Rose and Teal Stone.” Too cute!

  65. I follow you on twitter!

  66. My favorite sometime drink is raspberry lemonade shakeups. So delish!

  67. I follow silver Dog on Twitter now!

  68. My favorite item would have to be the mum earrings. So adorable!

  69. My favorite summer time drink is fresh-squeezed lemonade. Yum! Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. I love the Blue Lady Cameo Earrings, soooo pretty!

  71. my favorite summertime drink is whiskey & ginger ale with fresh lime squeezed into it – fizzy and so refreshing!

  72. I follow The Silver Dog on Twitter – @narniamum. Thanks!

  73. I follow you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway

  74. Favourite summer drink: Mojitos!

  75. I like the “Necklace Coral Pink Rose and Coral Jade” from the Silver Dog shop.

  76. I follow your blog :).

  77. I follow your twitter :).

  78. My fave summer drink is cold lemon Perrier.

  79. Following The Silver Dog on Twitter πŸ˜‰

  80. Oh my, my fave item in the store was a tough choice. There were so many really nice things but I am very fond of the Handmade Necklace Robins Egg Blue Dahlia and Riverstone

  81. I’m following your blog.

  82. I’m following you on twitter :)

  83. Tweeted message :)

  84. Lovely giveaway!! Fave summer time drink: Iced tea with a lemon!

  85. Favorite Item from her sweet shop…

    The Hair Pin Pack with the sweet bird, rose, and mum!!!

    I love them!



  86. Favorite Summer Time Drink…

    Just a plain ol’ Dr. Pepper Light Ice from Sonic!!!

    I love it!



  87. I am a blog follower!!!

    I love it!



  88. My favorite summertime drink is plain ol’ boring water. Really, it’s about a million plus two degrees in my house, so that’s about all I can even stomach.

    Under normal circumstances I love that amusement park lemondae…with the sugar and the lemon chunks still in it. Mmmm.

  89. The Green Rose and Ivory Pearl necklace is my favorite!

    Thanks for introducing us to this shop – it’s BEAUTIFUL!

  90. These are so classicly beautiful! I love the Pink Rose and Green Turquoise Necklace! I would want to wear it everyday!!!

  91. I follow Knitty Bitties!

  92. My favorite summer time drink is lemonade with sweet-tea vodka!

  93. I follow knitty bitties on twitter!

  94. Fav summertime drink is raspberry or strawberry lemonade. With a straw :)

  95. Tweeted the contest! Good luck everyone!

  96. My fav piece is the taupe peony and pearl necklace. Yummy!!

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