Classic – Lisa Leonard (GIVEAWAY)

Happy Wednesday!

I’m wrapping up my little one on ones showcasing the talent behind my collection of ‘leading ladies’ (aka my necklaces). If you’re shaking your head and wondering what in the world I’m talking about, refer back to this post where I talk about necklaces as if they were people.

Okay, now that we have that straight … fill up your glass of iced tea and grab a fresh baked cookie while I go get our third and final guest of honor for this week.


Let me introduce you to the wonderfully talented and equally genuine and sweet … Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs. What? You’ve heard of her? Of course you have … I mean she is the Lisa Leonard who has created quite the name for herself all over the blogging world. From crafters and new moms to brides and celebrities, she covers all of it.

So I am feeling pretty lucky to get to share a little about Lisa on my blog …

A little about you?

right now i am obsessed with glee, worried about my son’s upcoming heart surgery, planning how to decorate our guest bedroom, hungry for a campfire with smores and itching to create a new necklace.

When did you start Lisa Leonard Designs? What is the most satisfying part of owning your own company?

i started lisa leonard designs so i could quit my day job (teaching) and stay home with my boys. it is one of the scariest (and most rewarding!) things i’ve ever done. the hardest part is finding balance with my schedule. the best part is getting to be with my boys whenever i want.

Favorite Color Combinations?

clothing-great denim skinny jeans and a perfect black top with great jewelry.

home decor-aqua, white, brown with lots of sunlight.

Favorite item currently in your shop?

either the family tree necklace or the open circle necklace.

Favorite Starbucks drink OR favorite dessert?

at starbucks i usually go for a plain coffee (and fix it up with waaaay too much cream) or if i’m feeling fancy, a vanilla soy latte.

Lisa has graciously offered a $50 Gift Certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs to one of YOU!!

Enter to win, one comment for each chance::

  • Leave a comment with your favorite summer music
  • Visit Lisa Leonard Designs and tell us your favorite item
  • Follow Lisa on Twitter
  • Follow Knitty Bitties blog
  • Follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter
  • Tweet this “@knittybitties featuring the talented @lisaleonard today with a sunshiney happy day GIVEAWAY!”

Yea 6 chances to win!! Winner will be chosen by on Sunday, July 18th.

{photo credit: all photos courtesy of Lisa Leonard}

Happy Creating!

P.S. You can still enter the Allora Handmade Giveaway here & The Silver Dog Giveaway here.


  1. I love Van Morrison in the summer. Great for relaxing on the deck.

  2. My fave from Lisa’s site is the from up here necklace

  3. Follower!

  4. I love the jumble of charms necklace and the dewdrop necklace!!

  5. I follow the knitty bitties blog.

  6. My favorite summer music is Bob Seger.

  7. Lisa’s designs are to wonderful to love just one!


  8. Summer music – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!

  9. I love the piece that has two parts – one is a bird cage and one is the little bird flying up and away. So very sweet.

  10. I’m a follower!

  11. love the Faith Hope Amor and the Lucky Mommy necklace. pretty sure i need to order that!

  12. I am now following lisa on twitter

  13. I follow your blog

  14. follow @knittybitties on twitter!

  15. tweeted it!

  16. I love Jack Johnson in the summer!

  17. I follow your blog already…and LOVE it!

  18. I love the leather cuff bracelets that Lisa makes!

  19. I follow Lisa as well!

  20. I think it would have to be the classic Beach Boys, maybe something from Pet Sounds. thank you! I love Lisa’s jewerly.

  21. amanda says:

    My favorite music this summer is, the Hero Headquarters cd. I love singing along with the girls!

  22. amanda says:

    I just saw her ‘you’re the cream in my coffee’ necklace and I love it!

  23. Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffet are great for summer…though I have to admit I’ve been listening to a lot of The Fratellis and Vampire Weekend. πŸ˜‰

  24. I follow knittybitties on Twitter!

  25. I follow lisaleonard on Twitter, too!

  26. I tweeted. πŸ˜‰

  27. And now I follow the Knitty Bitties blog, too! :)

  28. I’m already a follower os knotty biggies on twitter. Love you guys!

  29. I’m a Lisa Leonard Twitter follower also. Gorgeous work that I have yet to get hands on.

  30. I love love loooooovvvveee the mama necklace and the numbered necklace. Anything to remember this amazing job I have is awesome!

  31. Off to tweet this amazing giveaway! Love Lisa and knotty biggies. You both seriously rock and I wish I had more money to buy tons!

  32. My favorite summer music is definitly upbeat like the black eyed peas or smooth like Ingrid Michaelson

  33. Following your blog now too! Whew! I think I got them all. Anything to support good peeps!

  34. I follow knitty bitties.

  35. My favorite from Lisa’s site is the family tree necklace.

  36. My favorite summer music is huey lewis and the news.

  37. I so love Lisa Leonard. I’m still coveting the from up here necklace. someday it will be mine.

  38. I aready follow Lisa on twitter.

  39. I’m loving she and him for mellow summer music.

  40. My favorite summer music is Maroon 5.

  41. I follow you

  42. My favorite necklace is the fly free necklace.

  43. I dont have a twitter account but I did post about it on facebook. Does that count?

  44. Visited her site. First of all, love her style and design on the blog! The “from up here” necklace piece is awesome. Definitely my favorite.

  45. My favorite summer music right now is anything by Toby Mac or Bekah Shea. Music that’ll get you moving.

  46. And, I follow Knitty Bitties!

  47. I love the World Champignonship music by Shakira: Waka Waka. It makes me fell good!!
    I follow your blog since months and love it!

  48. We listen to light jazz on lazy summer evenings.

  49. I follow Lisa on Twitter.

  50. I follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter too!

  51. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog.

  52. I tweeted about the GIVEAWAY!

  53. The sweet & simple birdie necklace is my favorite (the from up here necklace is a close second!).

  54. Kid Rock is my goto summer music.

  55. I follow your blog

  56. There are so many Lisa Leonard pieces that I love, but the together necklace is tickling my fancy today.

  57. I love Duffy and the Glee soundtrack! thanks!

  58. Love that tiny squares necklace!

  59. Follower of your blog!

  60. Follow Lisa on Twitter!

  61. Tweeted!

  62. Lemonade by Chris Rice

  63. I LOVE the family tree necklace!

  64. I follow your blog

  65. I follow Knitty Bitties.

  66. Love the oval monogram necklace…so fun!

  67. sorry for the deleted comment above. I had a typo.
    I wanted to say that I love ALL music! I have rediscovered my love for Katie Herzig this summer…love the sound of her voice.

  68. I follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter.

  69. My favorite Summer music would have to be the Beach Boys (of course)! Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. I follow Lisa on twitter (@narniamum).

  71. I follow your blog. Thanks!

  72. I follow you on twitter (@narniamum). Thanks.

  73. Pride and Prejudice soundtrack!

  74. I love John Mayer in the summer … or a good Beach Boys flashback.

  75. I follow @lisaleonard on Twitter.

  76. I follow @knittybitties on Twitter and the Knitty Bitties blog.

  77. My fave necklace is the single rectangle with one word.

  78. I’m a follower! :)

  79. Love the second necklace from the top — with the green beads and silver. Just lovely!

  80. I tweeted! :)

  81. Summer music…hmmmm, I don’t get out much! I always just keep it on the Christian channel. :)

  82. I follow your blog!

  83. I follow Lisa on Twitter already. :)

  84. I follow you on Twitter too!

  85. I LOVE the From Up Here necklace!! I love everything though! :)

  86. Charlotte says:

    I love her “be still” necklace

  87. favorite summer music is mandisa!

  88. I follow lisa on twitter


  89. I love all of her necklaces… I’d love to have one with my girls names on it. love the pearl drop ones

  90. the Glee soundtrack, loving it right now!

  91. Love the “from up here” necklace

  92. Follow Lisa on twitter

  93. Follow Knitty bittie blog!

  94. Follow Knitty bittie on twitter!


  95. Tweeted!


  96. I am obsessed with the song Bulletproof by La Roux this summer. It’s on repeat when I’m driving!

  97. Fave summer music: Bob Marley

  98. I like the “fly free necklace” necklace. So pretty!!

  99. I love dewdrop and the open circle necklace, I already said that next year for my 40th Bday I want one!


  100. I follow Lisa on twitter.

  101. I follow your blog :).

  102. I follow your twitter :).

  103. wow — so many entry chances! summer music: steve miller band. can’t go wrong.

  104. …and my favorite item (tough call!) is the sweet & simple birdie necklace. i’m a sucker for anything with pretty little birds on them…

  105. …and i follow your blog!

  106. I follow lisa on twitter

  107. I also follow you on twitter πŸ˜‰

  108. my favorite summer music…right now I’m constantly playing Jimmy Needham’s new cd Nightlights πŸ˜‰

  109. I have many faves of ll’s but I’d say one of my top faves is the “you’re the cream in my coffee” necklace πŸ˜‰

  110. I follow lisa on twitter

  111. i also follow you on twitter too πŸ˜‰

  112. i also tweeted about this giveaway

  113. I have been following Lisa for a while on twitter already.

  114. I follow your blog :)

  115. I’m now a follower on twitter too :)

  116. My fave summer music is anything that gets me singing along in the car on a nice day and puts a smile on my face.

  117. i love the paper lantern and single tag necklaces πŸ˜‰

  118. I tweeted the msg too πŸ˜‰

  119. I love the necklace in Lisa’s shop called you’re the cream in my coffee.

  120. I follow your blog now and lovin it πŸ˜‰ and not just bc of the giveaway either πŸ˜‰

  121. I follow your blog too

  122. Tweeted message.

  123. I love her “mama” necklace – I would order it for my sister who just had her fifth (and last) baby. It would be loved dearly.

  124. p.s. I a follower!

  125. I have this memory of swimming with my best bud in high school to The Wallflowers. It still reminds me of one of the best summers of my life.

  126. What a wonderful giveaway! I love Lisa Leonard’s beautiful creations! My fave summer tunes would have to be Def Leppard’s Hysteria CD!!

  127. I am a follower of your darling site!

  128. Favorite Summer Music…

    I am loving Colbie Caillat’s new CD Breakthrough….SO GOOD!!!

    I love it!



  129. I am a blog Follower!!!

    I love it!



  130. My favorite item woul dhave to be the necklaces with the birds on them and then I would love to add my daugther’s name!!! Such a beautifully, talented lady!!

    I love it!



  131. I love Lisa Leonard!!! Yay!
    My favorite summertime music is anything of Jimmy Buffetts!!

  132. I follow your blog!

  133. My favorite of Lisa is the from up here necklace! I love seafoam green beads & the birdies

  134. I LOVE Lisa’s stuff. I need the green xoxo necklace. Yes, need. :)

  135. Summer music is best when it is COUNTRY music. I can’t help it. I’m from Kansas.

  136. Vintage Frame necklace – I love my Vs!

  137. Following you on twitter.

  138. Following your blog.

  139. Following Lisa on twitter. I was already following you of course!

  140. Tweeted!!!

  141. I love the lots of love necklace! I have been wanting to get my mom a Lisa Leonard necklace fro a long time and I think she would LOVE this!

  142. I follow knitty bitties!

  143. My favorite summer music is jazz! I love those summer concert series in parks!!!

  144. OK, you’ve got to stop introducing me to great stuff. Of course I follow your blog. But I might have to stop if this keeps up…unless I win?:)

  145. favorite summer music…my boys singing VBS songs!

  146. I have to say your the creme in my coffee…but I can’t choose just one!

  147. I don’t twitter or tweet :(

  148. My favorite summer song of the moment is Summer Wine, performed by U2 & The Corrs! Love!

  149. I follow knitty bitties on twitter (iheart13point1). thanks!

  150. Following Lisa on twitter now too! :)

  151. Tweeted the giveaway, for those of us in the 11th hour πŸ˜‰ thanks!

  152. Everything is lovely! But I adore the sweetheart tree necklace! So sweet and unique… I even love the “t&s” in the photo – exactly perfect for me and DH.

  153. My favorite summer music can be found on my mix here: which is also featured on my blog (not on auto play, so hit play to start) – a mix of foreign and indie music – the best!

    catherine s.

  154. My fav LL necklace is the Mama necklace – that word means the world to me!

    catherine s.

  155. I follow Lisa and her very interesting life :) on Twitter –

    catherine s.

  156. I follow knitty bitties blog as well – yahoo!

    catherine s.

  157. I also follow knitty bitties on twitter @CatherineStern

    catherine s.

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