Did you know?

That aside from all the ‘Ready to Ship’ and ‘Almost Ready to Ship’ items I create for the shop I also take a limited number of custom orders each month?

It seems like it’s usually a customer wanting to hand pick the fabrics for one of my totes/bags. I think that’s great … who doesn’t like a hand picked, one of a kind item? Especially one you carry almost every day.

Here are a few of my recent custom orders:

“Everyday Hobo” Tote::

A super playful palette of pink and orange with a splash of blue and green.

And a new pattern design by the super talented Lisa of U-Handbag
“Pretty Pleated” Tote::

Isn’t she adorable? I love the pink large scale floral paired with the orange/white polka dot … too cute.

And so many sweet details … the piping, the pleats and the button handles.

I accept a limited number of custom orders each month to allow me to still create enough items for the shop as well. The prices for a custom order run about 15-20% more than a ‘Ready to Ship’ item due to the extra time, material cost and customer attention.

Currently I have no wait on custom orders, so please send me an e-mail (knittybitties(at)gmail.com) or an Etsy convo if you’re interested.

Oh, and while I featured totes today, I do custom orders for most anything in the shop (currently or in the past) as well as entertaining new product ideas as well!

Happy Creating!


  1. I love everything you make! and your shop :)

  2. Both of those are super cute!! I may have a custom order coming soon! :)

  3. Is one of those for Bethie?

    I’d like to get 3 more pillow covers to match the ones I already have. I sent you the info a while back – do you still have it?

  4. Oh, my goodness, I LOVE that pretty pleated tote! The style and the fabric! Wow. Gorgeous!

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